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Job Board 1-13-20

By Joe Nelson

Radio Broadcast Engineer
Job Description:
Local Media San Diego A is looking for a Full Time Engineer that will be responsible for maintaining and repairing all broadcast equipment including studio and transmitter equipment. This is a huge opportunity to work at a locally owned company with a very dynamic team.
Responsibilities include: ·Ensure radio stations are complying with all FCC rules and regulations. ·Install and maintain broadcast equipment at transmitter sites and studios. ·Maintain and troubleshoot links to transmitter sites. ·Maintain all studio equipment and audio streaming. ·Develop plans to integrate new technology for transmitter facilities, remote broadcasts and in house studios. ·Provide technical support to employees. ·Perform monthly inspections of all equipment. ·Experience in computer based automation systems. ·Ability to troubleshoot by using test equipment such as Spectrum Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, and field strength meters. ·Work at remote broadcasts as nee…

Jack Rabell -- 1931-2020

By Joe Nelson

Special thanks to reader Doug Herman for informing me of this loss.
Thursday, Jan 2 brought the passing of a long-time radio personality and engineer Jack Rabell.

This is the obituary that ran in Sunday's Union Tribune.

Condolences to Jack's family and friends during this difficult time.


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