I Owe You an Apology

Today I committed my first mistake in the history of SanDiegoRadio. I wrongly reported the passing of radio legend Sam Bass.

When I signed on to take over SDR from Chris Carmichael, my motto was the same as it is now. "Trust/Integrity/Respect". Today I took a big *deserved* ding to that motto. I need to be perfectly clear on this... When I published it, It was confirmed to me THREE times, from reliable sources. That was before I saw ten plus posts on Facebook from people saying that it was confirmed. So that was 13 confirmations I was going off of.

Having said that, the content on SDR is MY responsibility and I accept the fact that I was wrong.

I apologize profusely to Sam's family and friends. It was a horrible mix up. Sam and I have always been close. He has always been wonderful to me and my family. I hope he knows I would never do anything like this in an irresponsible manor.

Please know this will never happen again and your trust in me is still firmly intact.

Thank you for your understanding.
-Joe Nelson


ric@jazz88.org said…
Happy it was a mistake.
Unknown said…
It was a mistake but thank you for acknowledging it and apologizing. Despite the fact that, as you mentioned, it had been confirmed by literally over a dozen people. Keep up the good work you always provide to us and thank you for your hard work, always.
Unknown said…
Reliable people and sources? Who? Family? Doctors? Who else could possibly be considered reliable on such a serious matter?!? Especially regarding Sam of all people.
Human beings make mistakes from time to time. We are not perfect. You admitted your mistake, and genuinely apologized. To whomever is still giving you grief about it, take a good hard look in the mirror. I am sure you made a mistake at some point in your life, and didn't appreciate when other people wouldn't let you move on from that mistake.
AM/FM Howard said…
I think you may be needing an update

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