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I Owe You an Apology

Today I committed my first mistake in the history of SanDiegoRadio. I wrongly reported the passing of radio legend Sam Bass.
When I signed on to take over SDR from Chris Carmichael, my motto was the same as it is now. "Trust/Integrity/Respect". Today I took a big *deserved* ding to that motto. I need to be perfectly clear on this... When I published it, It was confirmed to me THREE times, from reliable sources. That was before I saw ten plus posts on Facebook from people saying that it was confirmed. So that was 13 confirmations I was going off of.
Having said that, the content on SDR is MY responsibility and I accept the fact that I was wrong.
I apologize profusely to Sam's family and friends. It was a horrible mix up. Sam and I have always been close. He has always been wonderful to me and my family. I hope he knows I would never do anything like this in an irresponsible manor.
Please know this will never happen again and your trust in me is still firmly intact.
Thank you f…

Last Story Redacted

I apologize, my contacts were not accurate with the information. I vetted as much as I could. SanDiegoRadio apologizes to Sam's family and friends.

Ben and Woods Back on the Air

By Joe Nelson

Beginning June 10, Steve Woods returns to Entercom San Diego.

Along with Ben Higgins, they will start every morning with 'Ben & Woods' on 97.3 The Fan. 5-9AM

This is a pretty quick bounce-back after The Mighty 1090 was shut down leaving them in late April, and many others out of work.

It appears to be a perfect fit for Woods, who lives, eats and breathes baseball. The Fan is the San Diego Padres radio flagship station.

Woods was with Entercom until January of 2017, when he was on FM 94/9 with Chris Cantore.

Congratulations Steve and Ben, and to The Fan