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Beto moves to KIOZ - AD says Goodbye

By Joe Nelson

Big News!

I guess that pretty much explains that. I did talk to Beto and he told SanDiegoRadio the following...
"When it comes to music I am a melting pot of all genres it ranges from Rock, Hip hop , Reggae to Banda. Growing up in South San Diego I always listened to Rock 105.3 so getting the opportunity to work at KIOZ is a dream come true. Equivalent to winning the lottery! Super excited , check me out weekdays 3P-7P my mom would love you.“
Thanks Beto. I am very happy for you! AD- best wishes for you and your future!!!

SanDiegoRadio at Padres Opening Day

By Joe Nelson

This is a two-parter...

First off, after hearing a couple times on Thursday that some were unsure if SanDiegoRadio is still up and running, yes ABSOLUTELY it is. My explanation was simply that there is nothing going on in radio right now. I still have my radar on and my birdies are still out there.
In times like these, I try to incorporate some 'fun stuff' in the meantime. I enjoy interviewing folks just as I have since day one by featuring them in The SanDiegoRadio Spotlight. I have sent out two requests to do so, and they agreed to do the Spotlight, but have not received word back since, so sometimes I am waiting for information to return to me.

Yes I am still here. I really appreciate everyone's interest in SanDiegoRadio. I couldn't imagine NOT doing it.

If you have anything, if you have job postings, send it my way!

And now on to baseball!

Thursday marked the start of the 2019 baseball season for the San Diego Padres. I was …


By Joe Nelson

Special thanks to SanDiegoRadio field reporter Jeff Elliott who notified me that the ratings I posted were attacked by aliens.

This should look much better... VERY SIMPLIFIED

KPBS 7.5
KSON 6.1
KGB 5.9
KLNV 5.4
XHRM 5.1
KMYI 4.8
KXSN 4.7
KHTS 4.3
KYXY 4.2
KOGO 4.0
KHTZ 3.9
KFMB 3.4
KIOZ 3.0
KSSX 3.0
XHTY 2.9
KBZT 2.6
XLTN 2.6
KLQV 2.0
XFHG 1.2
KYDQ 1.1
KWFN .70
KLSD .40
XEMO .30
XHA-FM .30
XRCN .10

Latest Ratings

By Joe Nelson

StationFormatOwnerOct 18Nov 18Dec 18Hol 18Jan 19Feb 19KPBS-FM N/TSDSU6. CountryEntercom4.

The Shenanigans With Jim McInnes

By Joe Nelson

Sunday evening, SanDiegoRadio went to The Camel's Breath Inn and saw a great St. Patrick's Day show with "The Shenanigans", a band which includes KGB's own Jim McInnes.

Here are some pictures from the great event.

Here is a short clip...

Lineup Changes at XTRA 1360

By Joe Nelson

XTRA 1360 Creates Power Shift to Lineup

San Diego, CA – March 13, 2019 –Effective March 18, XTRA 1360 Fox Sports San Diego shifts its hosts to create a dynamic new line-up including the reunion of Mike Costa and Judson Richards for “Costa & Richards” in the morning, followed by middays with “Hardwick, Schaeffer & Friends” featuring Nick Hardwick and Jon Schaeffer, and the “Loose Cannons” get even bigger with former NFL Lineman, Rich Ohrnberger, joining Steve Hartman for the afternoon drive.

XTRA 1360 Weekly Lineup:

· “Costa & Richards” – 6 to 9 a.m.

· “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd – 9 a.m. to Noon

· “Hardwick, Schaeffer and Friends” – Noon to 3 p.m.

· “Loose Cannons” with Steve Hartman & Rich Ohrnberger – 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

· “Power Hour” with Ernie Martinez – 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

San Diego sports listeners will wake up with “Costa & Richards” each weekday morning at 6 a.m. The two previously teamed to host “The Drive” which aired in afternoons on XTRA 13…