SanDiegoRadio Job Board

By Joe Nelson

This was sent to me from KPBS.

Good Luck!

Licensed to San Diego State University, KPBS Radio, Television & Online serves San Diego County with news, information, entertainment and cultural content.  The organization presents local and national content that is valued and trusted by the community.  KPBS also produces and distributes content about San Diego that is valued by local, regional, national and international audiences and is worthy of support.

Engage the KPBS audience with your curiosity about how people learn, and create stories with lively, people-centered reporting on the education beat.  Find the people affected by changes in education policy and technology—children, adults, lifelong learners and in diverse communities. Cultivating the education beat is important, but all KPBS reporters will work outside their beats, or conversely team up on their beats, as the news merits. 

The Education reporter will work at the direction of the Director of News & Editorial Strategy (DNES), under the supervision of the News Editor, and work in coordination with other members of the News Division. 

KPBS news beats also include arts & culture, border, business, environment, health, investigative, metro, and science & technology.  The Education reporter will pitch and produce news stories that are then assigned by the editorial staff, and that can be distributed on KPBS radio, TV,, KPBS social networking and KPBS mobile. The news stories will be produced in formats for radio newscasts, in-depth radio features, TV packages, multi-media projects and special reports as assigned.

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