An Article Worth Sharing - Linda Welby

By Joe Nelson

   When I first met Linda Welby, The Mighty 1090 - Scott and B.R. Show, it's like she had known me for years. A very sweet and approachable lady. Linda instantly became a favorite of mine.
Scott Kaplan, Billy Ray Smith and Linda Welby at The Mighty 1090 Open - Sept 2015

   I was saddened to hear when she revealed she was diagnosed with cancer. But having said that, she spoke with such confidence and lack of fear. Linda Welby is a strong woman, a fighter.

   In this article from The San Diego Union Tribune published Wednesday, Diane Bell talks about where she was, where she is now, and how she was able to go to a World Series game to see her beloved Red Sox play against the Dodgers.

    Love to you, Linda Welby, from

Diane Bell's article:


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