By Joe Nelson

   I have been quiet on the whole DSC/KFM-BFM story for a reason. I don't publish speculation, I run on facts.

   I have something I can share now and it includes statements from both sides. I reached out to someone very close to the show and management from the station. I received statements from both.

   I will place them below without comment and let you, the reader decide where this could be headed.

Thanks to all for responding to me for this information.

From the DSC 'side':

"What you’ve seen and read is *mostly* true.  KFMB could have worked this up a long time ago but purposely chose not to. Now they’ve lost any protection over their DSC brand. Why would they let that happen? You can draw your own conclusions, as have I. But none of them are good, and hardly encouraging. So it’s hard not to be offended. It’s hardly the way a company acts when they want to keep a show. And now I’d say that’s doubtful."

From the station:

"Hi Everyone, There were a couple articles that came out today in The San Diego Reader and RadioInsight.com with unfounded rumors about KFMB not being in negotiations with the DSC or not wanting to renew their show. While I don’t usually comment on rumors, I want to be clear that there is no truth to these stories. I am personally involved in discussions with the DSC crew and we have been negotiating with them in good faith. I also spoke to Dave Rickards today who is on vacation and he wanted me to relay the following… “We are currently in negotiations to continue our long-standing relationship with KFMB.” - Dave Rickards"


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