When Good Intentions Go Awry

By Joe Nelson

   This is a painful one to write, I really wanted this to be a thing. A monthly sit-down in my back yard with a radio/TV personality. I even had a clever name for it: "Chickens, Campfires, and Radio".

   It was to be held out in the yard, by the fire pit, with chickens mingling around us. Then came the 12 hour work days. I just couldn't get the strength to pull it off. There was also the work of transcribing everything from my audio recorder to being able to type it all out.I never realized how time consuming that would be.

  One afternoon, 'The Coach' John Kentera dropped by for what was to be the first edition. He was very gracious with his time, he shared some great stories and he absolutely is a class act and what is right about radio.

   I owe The Coach a huge apology for failing at this. Coach, I really meant for this to be the first of many. Thank you for coming out to the ranch and spending time for me. I will find a way to make it up to you. I can admit when I fail. I'll never hide that.

   But for now, all I can offer are some photos from that day.

Thanks Coach.


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