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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Failure to Publish a Story

By Joe Nelson

   A couple weeks ago, 105.7 MAX FM released their morning show. 'Kim and Sammy Jo'. I failed to report on this because by the time I got my new computer up and running and especially because of some medical stuff I have going on, I dropped the ball. By the time I got it all up and going, a significant amount of time had passed and the word was most certainly around town.

   This was no slight to either Kim or Sammy Jo, it was just how I explained it, and I hope they return to the air very soon!

As always, thanks for your support in this tough time and thanks for sticking with me.


1 comment:

Bobby "Dr. Boogie" Rich said...

Don't beat yourself up, Joe. We all know this is your labor of love for our business and we appreciate you for doing it.

FYI--I did not know about this item until now, so remember:

"It's only old news if you've heard it before."

Bobby Rich