Failure to Publish a Story

By Joe Nelson

   A couple weeks ago, 105.7 MAX FM released their morning show. 'Kim and Sammy Jo'. I failed to report on this because by the time I got my new computer up and running and especially because of some medical stuff I have going on, I dropped the ball. By the time I got it all up and going, a significant amount of time had passed and the word was most certainly around town.

   This was no slight to either Kim or Sammy Jo, it was just how I explained it, and I hope they return to the air very soon!

As always, thanks for your support in this tough time and thanks for sticking with me.



Don't beat yourself up, Joe. We all know this is your labor of love for our business and we appreciate you for doing it.

FYI--I did not know about this item until now, so remember:

"It's only old news if you've heard it before."

Bobby Rich

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