Lee 'Hacksaw' Hamilton is Back on the Radio

By Joe Nelson

In a phone conversation with SanDiegoRadio, Hacksaw tells us he has returned to The Mighty 1090.

Hacksaw was last heard on 1090 three years ago before he left and eventually joined CW6 as their Sports Anchor.

Lee will be on with Scott and BR at 5PM Monday through Friday. Hacksaw will deliver his 'Hacksaw's Headlines', then stay on with the guys and discuss the topics.

In addition to his Headlines, Hacksaw will help with the website as it pertains to videos, podcasts and written content.

Hacksaw also has his own website, it can be found HERE

Lee tells SDR "1090 was always my station, it still is. I'm glad to be back at my station. I had three years on TV, and that proved how strong my brand still is in this market" "Let's recreate some magic"

Thanks for your time, Saw.



Dave Mason said…
I wonder if his website is prepared with an Underwood.

Hell, I came back . .why shouldn't he?

Kudos to Scott 'n BR. They're in a crowded field (sports radio) and have found a way to keep it fresh and interesting. Scott's intelligence, BR's experience, Linda Welby's thoughts should really help bring Hacksaw up to their standards.

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