Shotgun Tom's Pool Hall Birthday

By Joe Nelson

   Saturday evening, at his Easy County home, Shotgun Tom Kelly celebrated his birthday in grand fashion. Surrounded by his family and closest friends, the party was a huge success.

   Friends from all over arrived and shared stories, told jokes and no one played pool as it was just too packed. The night was capped off with everyone singing Happy Birthday and cake was served. Also, a second rendition of Happy Birthday was sung by Owen 'Wes' Western in his signature backwards fashion. That's always fun to hear.

   Here are some photos from the celebration. Following the pictures will be the video Chris Carmichael shot.

Thanks Chris Carmichael for this video...

As always thanks for tuning in!


John Foulks said…
Met him many years ago. He emceed a charity event I was involved in. Classy guy, a lot of fun.

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