Magic 92.5 Firecracker 500 Countdown HACKED by the Russians

By Joe Nelson
Magic 92.5 Firecracker 500 Countdown HACKED by the Russians!

Each year Magic 92.5 (XHRM-San Diego) presents The Firecracker 500, the 500 biggest songs of all-time, as voted by our listeners! It's one of our most-listened to events on the radio station and this year received over one million votes!

But this year, while all the jocks were in the studio--just beginning to announce the number one song--we all started hearing weird sounds in our headphones, followed by our mics being completely shut off and our board being frozen (I warned IT about getting digital consoles!)

We were suddenly completely powerless and without any control of our studio, as audio from another site suddenly took over our frequency. Nothing we did to try to turn this pirate audio off seemed to work, so we frantically dialed our engineers and IT department for help. Meanwhile, Moscow radio took over our radio station and countdown, announcing their own #1 song, and it was bad. Really, really bad. Horrific. We even tried to turn down the monitors in the studio, but nothing worked!

Thankfully, after about four minutes, IT and engineering were able to help us regain control of our radio station, using some tricks they saw on a 1987 episode of MacGyver; involving paperclips, reel-to-reel tape, a stale box of bagels brought in by a local label rep, and an Iggy Azalea promo CD.

We apologize to our listeners, and are taking measures to ensure this never happens again, including upgrading all of our hardware from Windows Vista to XP; we think that will help, at least from the research we conducted using Ask Jeeves.

You can hear the actual audio of this hacked broadcast here, along with a video re-enactment: 


Unknown said…
Brilliance started... and will continue as long as Mister Dub is around. ;-)

A wonderful stunt, congratulations.

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