Letter From the Editor

By Joe Nelson

   First off, thank you all for the love and support you have sent my way. the decision to shut it down was not easy as I really love and enjoy covering San Diego Radio.

   I wanted to explain my decision, just so it's off my mind and no one thinks it was a rash choice.

   The last few months my brain has been more full than it ever has been. There are many things contributing to that, not all if not any are all that interesting or worth sharing. But I had to step away from a few things. SanDiegoRadio was the most taxing to me. It may seem on the outside like a simple 'job'. But it actually requires a ton of listening, both to the radio and in person conversations. Having info sent to me via text/email/messenger. Constantly wondering what's next, how can I make it better? Who should be in the next Spotlight? Did I remember to do this, or that?

   I needed brain space.

   Here is the reason, my dad. Pops is a very strong man. Always has been. After a brief hospital stay, several appointments, it was clear to me I needed time with him. I will make time, and I did.

   Some of you know my 'real job' (hey today is my 20 year anniversary there!) will be moving locations next week. We are moving to Lakeside. No more spending almost 1 1/2 hours in my car every day. The new plant is just a few miles from my dad's house and will allow me to more easily hop over there after work and visit, or be there in a heartbeat if needed. I can't tell you what a relief this move will be. Both FINALLY packing up and ending the stressful migration, and to be so close to my dad.

   I will absolutely miss writing for SanDiegoRadio, I may or may not be back. Someone wrote to me hoping I'd still cover radio reunions and big events. That's a great idea as I could see from the readership people liked reading about those times a lot. Hey, if I am still invited to those times I would be happy to cover them and recap them on SDR.

   I cannot live with regret that I didn't do this, I need to do this and I want to do this. I am making pops a top priority.

   Thanks again for all the love. If you ever want to do lunch. Look me up.

Joe Nelson


Unknown said…
Thank you Joe, for all your service to the San Diego radio scene. I happened across your page a number of years back in search of an old radio acquaintance, and was hooked ever since!
As a native San Diegan, I've very much appreciated all your attention to our region's media history and full range of coverage that prompted me into exploring and listening to programs and formats I wouldn't otherwise imagined.
Also as a son of an aging father, I fully respect your calling to step back and spend quality time with him. You're doing the right thing. Enjoy this time, as I think I'll step away, too, from this keyboard and go see my old dad this morn. See you again on Facebook and we'll catch up one day here in the East County!
Cheers to you, Joe!
bob said…
Good for you and congrats of having the company close by that will really be a lot of less stress.
Family will always come first and we will always still be here and like most radio you can go away but you will come back.
Take you time do what you have to do and every now and then give us a hey.
Take care, Ill miss seeing you at the many remotes I go to,lol
My best to you, your Dad and your family, Joe. As a blogger, social media warrior, radio & tv guy, I know the juggling. Totally get it.

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