How Ken Kramer, Dave Rickards, and YOU Saved SanDiegoRadio

By Joe Nelson

   The best way I think I can begin this story is with an analogy. I just love analogies. Since I enjoy food so much, I will go that direction. I think we at some point in our lives have enjoyed a particular restaurant and were frequent patrons of said restaurant. Maybe it was the consistent food quality, the familiar folks working there.  Maybe even just the convenience of knowing you could go somewhere and receive the same results every time.

   One day you go there and there is a sign on the door stating they are gone. Out of business. I think you know where I am going with this.

   On July 14, after months of some much needed family time, deep thinking about the column and studying the numbers of SanDiegoRadio, I announced I was shutting it down.

   Everything I stated that day were 100% true. I must find time for my pops, while I still can. Back to that in a minute. One thing I had not mentioned was how I was checking the readership numbers and had seen a decline. Now, with any site, you have to factor in 'bots'. So it was difficult to truly gauge the traffic to SDR. Well, I found one way to gauge it. All by accident. How? By shutting it down.

   Not five minutes after I ran that article, I was deluged by an overwhelming show of support from my media friends. I even received emails from people I had never even heard from before. I was stunned. I had no idea how far reaching it was. I don't say this to draw praise on SDR. I am happy it is doing as intended, I am simply just beyond thrilled it IS in fact doing the job. To inform. I run it as fact driven, never opinions. That won't change.

   I was completely wrong to think that SDR had lost steam. In fact I have learned to not trust or even look at the analytics anymore and just remember these messages. SDR had plenty of steam and I needed to continue with my passion of writing for San Diego radio stations. Basically, I felt like I pulled the carpet out from under the radio people and fans of San Diego.

   I am already making changes to make it all a little easier and most importantly make time to see my pops. Which I already have.

   I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all who reached out to me. Thank you for helping me to see what I was unable to see from the inside.

   There are two friends who took a significant portion of their time to help me get my sights straight again. Dave Rickards and Ken Kramer. Dave & Ken, the respect I already had for you was through the roof, and what you did for me, and SDR is certainly something I will never forget and will keep me focused from here on forward. Thank you! will live on and it is thanks to you and your support that makes that possible.

Your 'restaurant' is still open!

As always- Thanks for Tuning in,
Joe Nelson


tylercat said…
I am so glad you are "hanging in there." In response to restaurants, one that is "hanging in there" that I felt might close is "OId Trieste". I had the opportunity to dine there Friday night and was surprise at the crowd there at 6:00 p.m. and by the time we left at 8:00, there was not a seat to be had. I think the owner, Larry, has the same outlook you have on life....there is a life out there and spend some time to enjoy it.

Susie Tyler
Unknown said…
Glad to see that you are continuing the site, Joe. As a long time reader, I find it to be very informative. Thanks for all that you do.

Dennis Younker
Unknown said…

Sometimes it seems you only hear of your worth after your gone. Glad your keeping the long train running.


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