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Jeff & The Showgram Missing From KYXY

By Joe Nelson

   A birdie clued me in, and I double verified this. Jeff and the Showgram appear to be gone from KYXY.

No Reason was available, but more to come as it develops.

DSC now Airing on Saturdays

By Joe Nelson


Starting this Saturday, June 24, 2017, 100.7 KFM-BFM will begin airing “The Best of DSC” Saturday mornings from 6am-9am.

San Diego’s #1 morning show Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw (The DSC) have been a top ranked heritage radio show here in San Diego for over 25 years! The DSC Show is named for its three main hosts -- Dave Rickards, Shelly Dunn, and the “Dean of American Sportscasters”, Cookie "Chainsaw" Randolph. The show also features Chris Boyer, producer Emily Maguire, and Ruth 66.

For more info on Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw including podcasts, "best of" content and social media pages head over to Love your show!

Midwest Television, Inc. is San Diego’s leading multimedia company, operating CBS 8/KFMBTV, CW San Diego, AM 760 KFMB, 100.7 KFM-BFM and KFMB Interactive, the market’s only television/radio/digital/mobile media powerhouse serving the commu…

Dave Mason is Back on Your Dial

By Joe Nelson

   SanDiegoRadio has exclusively learned that veteran radio personality Dave Mason is returning to FM radio!

   As of today, Dave is an employee of Entercom San Diego. Dave will work weekends and perform fill-in work as needed on Sunny 98.1

   Sunny's PD Brooks O'Brian tells SanDiegoRadio "We're excited to have Dave Mason join Entercom San Diego with Sunny 98.1! He's a market vet that brings with him top notch on-air skills. His programming knowledge and production skills are an added bonus! He'll be a welcome addition to the Entercom hallways."

   Congratulations Dave! This is GREAT news!

Thanks for tuning in,
Joe Nelson

Latest Ratings

By Joe Nelson

San Diego (#17)
SUBSCRIBERFORMATMAR 17APR 17MAY 17KOGO-AMNews Talk Info. Talk Info. AC4.34.65.0KHTS-FMPop CHR5.45.24.8KMYI-FMHot AC5.24.94.8KYXY-FM

Dave Mason Still Hard at Work

By Joe Nelson

I received this from Dave Mason, I wanted to share it...

Just wanted to let you know that while I'm on the beach (still), there's no-umm sand growing under my feet.

In June I'll be on NPR Television across the country hosting pledge breaks for "Ethan Bortnick-Generations of Music". At 9 years old, Ethan became the youngest artist to have his own National PBS Concert Special. He's now 17 and just completed another concert special which will be the focus of PBS programming in June across the country.

Recorded at KPBS, the special will feature Ethan and some of the most incredible musical friends who can be found. In the breaks in the show I'll be joined by Kathi Diamant and Maya Trabulsi to tell the story of Ethan, and to tell the story of Public Television and its importance in American Broadcasting.

The show will be available to all PBS affiliates across the country to showcase the talents of this now 17 year old musical genius.

Any mention …

SanDiegoRadio Job Board 6-12-17

By Joe Nelson



San Diego’s radio station, 100.7 KFM-BFM, is seeking an experienced on-air pro to help fill in for weekends and/or vacations. We are looking for someone that is available on a part-time basis and that is available to work a flexible schedule (weekends, nights, holidays and the occasional weekday fill-in shifts). Candidates must have a minimum of 3 years of on-air experience as well as experience with on-air board work and ENCO, NexGen, WideOrbit, AudioVault or other digital delivery platforms and must be able to communicate effectively through Social Media. We are searching for a passionate rock-n-roll fan with broad music knowledge that can authentically deliver that passion on the air. Ideally, we would like someone that is familiar with the culture and lifestyle of San Diego. Note: Please include air check when submitting resume. No phone calls, please.

Interested candidates should submit resume via email to

OR via m…

The San Diego County Fair is OPEN

By Joe Nelson

   On Friday, The San Diego Fair held its 2017 Opening Day! With the theme "Where the West was Fun", fair-goers entered the gates kicking off yet another year of food, rides, concerts, livestock and tons more.

   Along with the opening, members of the media were treated to samplings of fair fare, and so much more.

   I will post some photos here, the rest can be found on my FB page. I am closing the SanDiegoRadio FB page as it really doesn't work as I hoped it would. If we are not currently friends, please send me a request along with a message, and we will connect.

   The concert series is always a favorite, the listings are HERE. For more info, visit

Enjoy the fair!


Steve Woods Joins iHeart San Diego

By Joe Nelson

Steve Woods, formerly of FM 949, has landed at iHeart San Diego.

   Woods joined The Show on Rock 105.3 to make his announcement. He will serve as a 'utility player' for Rock doing weekends and fill-in work, and will also use his extensive knowledge of sports to appear on Fox Sports XTRA Sports 1360 from time to time. You can also listen for him on the other iHeart stations here such as KGB.

Congratulations, Woods!


Long Time Radio Voice to Return to the FM Dial

By Joe Nelson

   I enjoy writing the stories with good news more so than the ones carrying bad news, such as yesterday's news of the folks let go at KFMB AM.

   Here will be one such good story. Monday morning I will share with you the story of the return of one of the most respected (from what I see/hear from listeners) jocks who has been off the dial for some time now.

   So 'Stay Tuned', Monday morning. I will have it here!

Have a great weekend!


KFMB Firings

By Joe Nelson

   KFMB-AM has released three staffers this week.

Debbie Cruz, Carl White and Mike Hanson.   Hanson was with the station for twenty years.

More info when it comes available.