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Friday, May 26, 2017

Robin Roth Named APD at KFM-BFM

By Joe Nelson


(San Diego) 100.7 KFM-BFM has named Robin Roth as Assistant Program Director. In addition to assisting PD, Mike V. Vasquez, she will host the night show.

Robin Roth has more than 25 years of experience as a San Diego On-Air personality. She began her career at the Urban Contemporary radio station, 92.5, and worked there for two years. She then moved on to Alternative Rock station 91X for 18 years, followed by Active Rock station Rock 105.3 for three years, then back to 91X for six years, four of those as Music Director. She is currently an on-air personality at 100.7 KFM-BFM.

Vasquez stated, “Robin Roth is synonymous with rock and roll in San Diego and having her on our programming team on a full-time basis is going to make us stronger. She brings talent, knowledge and the will to do whatever it takes to win and I’m so thrilled to have her!”

Roth added, "I'm really excited about this new chapter in my career and am looking forward to working more closely with Mike V and the rest of the KFM-BFM radio family!"

100.7 KFM-BFM’s “variety rock” format has already become the top ranked rock station in San Diego and includes San Diego’s #1 morning show Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw.

Midwest Television, Inc. is San Diego’s leading multimedia company, operating CBS 8/KFMBTV, CW San Diego, AM 760 KFMB, 100.7 KFM-BFM and KFMB Interactive, the market’s only television/radio/digital/mobile media powerhouse serving the community round-the-clock.

Friday, May 19, 2017

SanDiegoRadio May 2017 Spotlight - The Radio Edition

By Joe Nelson

SanDiegoRadio Spotlight - The Radio Edition

May 2017

Mark Larson

What is your current position?

   President, Mark Larson Media Services, Inc. I've been working for my own corporation full time since 2009, though incorporated in 2001. Radio is one of many things I do. It's a big part, but years ago I focused on expanding all of my media interests (TV, new media, speaking engagements, consulting) under one umbrella.

How are things with you right now? Life, work…..

   I am thrilled to be moving my weekday radio show back to AM 760 KFMB.. I'll be on 10AM to Noon beginning June 5. It was June 1976 when we moved to San Diego form Illinois and I began my 18 years at KFMB. I was (ahem) ...7 years old? In 1976... LOL) ... I was Program & Operations Manager, National PD/Radio for parent company Midwest Television and on air personality, We had a great team that made so much San Diego radio history...many great things that have never been topped.

Anyway, in mid-April of this year I opted out of my deal with Salem Media's AM 1170 KCBQ. It was my second tour of duty there, having first joined them in 1994 as GM (still on the air too). At the time it was KPRZ 1210AM only, but while I was GM the company bought KCBQ and we expanded the general market talk format. We did some good things there and then. Since June 2009 I have been doing 6-9AM on AM 1170 until I decided I had enough of getting up at 4AM. Other commitments such as doing lots more television (as contributor on KUSI News Channel 9 and often on Fox News Channel) made for a very long day. I was also frustrated with local management at the station and didn't see much growth or support ahead. I have great respect for the parent company Salem Media Group and its various business interests (publishing, online resources, networks) but it was time to move. And KFMB and I had conversations at various times over the years. This time, everything came together.

I have changed stations only five times in 41 years, twice to the same company (Salem and KFMB/Midwest) In this business, not bad averages.

Do you have anything you’d like to talk about? Such as stories from radio?

   Where do I start? So many moments. I love talk/personality radio connecting with people who make news and history. Interviewing Gorbachev was certainly a highlight so far. Many events are chronicled on my website. Of course the Padres 1984 season, big news events, helping the save the Mt Soledad Veterans Memorial, creating "Fantasy Baseball" during the MLB strike ... Those and many others come to mind.

San Diego… What is your favorite place to visit?

   We have been East County residents from the start. Really enjoy the "real world" mix there. Raised our family with a solid consistency, without being radio nomads. That's a blessing. But I love the coast, Mt. Soledad, downtown, Balboa Park (especially San Diego Air & Space Museum where I am Chairman of the Board), being plugged ino the military and visiting North Island, MiraMar. Camp Pendleton.

Is your job still as exciting like it was day one?

   Yes, because I choose to make it that way. Too many people bemoan "the good old days" and whine about how the business has changed too much. Well, sure,but still a great platform and important to the community. Radio works. It's possible to reinvent ourselves as needed to continue to adjust and thrive.

Where is your favorite place to go out and eat?

   Donovans, especially the Jolla location. Also pretty much any of the Cohn restaurants. Chick Fil A... of course In N Out. #2, animal style burger please.

What are some facts about you that maybe no one knows, but could be interesting?

   I love art, wish I could find time to start sketching again. Maybe painting ... And I have been wanting to write a book for years. I think I better get at it.
I'm still a nerd at heart, and read all the time. Show prep is something I do for fun 24/7. I want to do radio as long as I am above the sod, God willing.

How do you view radio now, compared to the past, then looking to the future?

   Everything is changing. That's nothing new. Delivery systems are new, and AM/FM will morph into something different. But content is still what matters.

How vital is the connection between an on-air personality and the listener?

   Essential. You can't fake it. Be authentic. Be who you are, on and off the air. Care about people, really. And care about your advertising partners and their success.

What is your favorite movie?

   "It's A Wonderful Life"

With Social Media being so prevalent, tell me the advantages of using FB, Instagram, Twitter to connect with your listeners

   I'm into FB, Twitter and Instagram..all on @marklarsonradio Facebook is maxed at 5000 friends :) so I started a FB like page at marklarsonmedia

Every one of those is different. Twitter more newsy, FB a mix of news and personal. FB like page is show highlight and radio/TV stuff. Instagram is,,,well, what exactly? Pretty pictures, odd tidbits.

What is your favorite radio moment?

   Every time I wrap a show and feel like, "yeah, it all clicked ...and we made a difference in the air today".

How long have you been in radio?

   Since I was 12. Started at an illegal radio station started by a fellow band nerd.

Is there anything in particular you like about the San Diego market vs other markets you’ve worked in?

   I never call it a "market". It's a community. That terminology in itself changes the way a person does radio (or TV) It's not an act. It's part of the local fabric.

How about any you may dislike?

   People who don't care, hired guns who only know how to cut expenses not grow teams and revenue, Leaders who don't lead and treat their people poorly, especially those staring out in the business.

What is the most interesting job you’ve ever had?

   What I am doing now, working under my own company for all things. However, as a kid having newspaper routes and selling things door to do (like seeds..really) was fun.
I learned lots of sales skills that way,

What broadcasters do you look up to?

   Radio? Vernon Nolte in Illinois, Carl Hamilton, Paul Harvey, Wally Phillips, Bob Collins, Paul Palmer. These were mentors in the "formative years" who inspired me and. helped me get rolling in this business. So many others (they know who they are :)

If you could go back in time and work during any era of radio for a few days - which would you choose?

   1930's and early 40's.... big shows, huge "theater of the mind". Giant news events.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

   I am blessed and grateful, Thankful to keep doing what I love doing, as long as I am able. My Christian faith drives me, and is my constant source of strength. I've made plenty of mistakes and continue to do so. Hey, we are all human. But I am a big believer in forgiveness, redemption and renewal. Every day is a gift and I try to get the most out of every minute, always keeping a sense of humor. Life's sure more interesting that way.

Thanks Mark!

-Joe Nelson

Entercom San Diego Partners With Seattle for Pearl Jam Foundation

By Joe Nelson


 Over $200,000 raised to support community causes 

SAN DIEGO, CA – MAY 17, 2017 – Entercom today announced that FM 949 (KBZT) in San Diego is joining 94.7 FM (KNRK) of Entercom Portland and 99.9 FM (KISW) and 107.7 The End FM (KNDD) of Entercom Seattle in the ongoing partnership with Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation. Since the beginning of the partnership in 2015, Entercom Portland and Entercom Seattle have raised over $200,000 for Pearl Jam’s Foundation by contributing a portion of the ticket sales from their annual marquee concerts to the cause. Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation is a public non-profit organization founded in 2006 that supports the efforts of non-profit organizations focused on community health, the environment, arts and education and social change. 

In celebration of today’s announcement, Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard and Mike McCready will be on-air on 99.9 FM (KISW) and on 107.7 The End FM (KNDD) in Seattle, 94.7 FM (KNRK) in Portland and FM 949 (KBZT) in San Diego. Each station selected its chosen organization from Vitalogy Foundation’s roster based on local passion points. This year, 94.7 FM will benefit MyMusicRX, which provides musical support to children and teens in hospitals, while 107.7 The End FM benefits Treehouse, a charity that assists over 7,000 foster children in the Seattle area each year. The ticket sales from 99.9 FM’s Pain in the Grass will go to the Downtown Emergency Feed Program and the Bureau of Fearless Ideas. 

Ticket sales from this year’s SPF 949 and Indie Jam in San Diego will go to the Surfrider Foundation to help keep beaches clean. “We’re so proud to go into our third year in this partnership with Pearl Jam, to bring funding to local organizations through all of our collective fans,” said Dave Richards, vice president of programming, Entercom Seattle. “We’re so happy to have found partners who can help increase our support of local charities simply by directing a portion of proceeds from their live concert events to our Foundation,” said Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam guitarist and Vitalogy Foundation board member. For more information about the Vitalogy Foundation and the charities it supports, please visit For more information about the participating Entercom stations and to stream live, please visit,, and

New AM 1170 The Answer Lineup Announced

By Joe Nelson

Salem Announces New Morning Lineup in San Diego on AM 1170 The Answer

CAMARILLO, Calif., (BUSINESS WIRE) - Salem Media Group (NASDAQ: SALM), announced
a new morning lineup on its NewsTalk station in San Diego, AM 1170 The Answer.  On Monday, May 15th the station will expand The Hugh Hewitt morning show by an additional hour, airing it from 3am to 7am PT, It will also add Mike Gallagher, live from 7am to 9am PT. The new lineup will provide a one-two punch in morning drive, using two of Salem's top rated hosts. 

"We know San Diego and our very loyal audience will be very pleased with the new and improved morning lineup on The Answer," said Vice President and General Manager Dale Hendry.  "An added plus for us is that Mike will be in studio with us in San Diego for the launch of the new lineup on Monday, May 15th,  and will meet local staff and clients." 

Hewitt move to mornings last April and quickly became the "go to" guy for this last presidential campaign.  His morning show has the biggest guests and is constantly breaking news.  Gallagher has grown to become Salem's highest rated host around the country.  Everyday he fulfills his listeners’ desire for breaking news and helps them understand what to think about it.

"Salem Radio Network now provides live news and issue oriented programming from 6am to Midnight ET with some of the best hosts on radio," said Salem Senior VP of Spoken Word, Phil Boyce.  "This new lineup will be well received in San Diego and will allow us to properly use the Salem assets at our disposal in the most efficient way. These two hosts are at the top of their game, and we're delighted to give them more time in such an important market."

Follow us on Twitter @SalemMediaGrp.


Salem Media Group is America’s leading multimedia company specializing in Christian and conservative content, with media properties comprising radio, digital media and book, magazine and newsletter publishing.  Each day Salem serves a loyal and dedicated audience of listeners and readers numbering in the millions nationally.  With its unique programming focus, Salem provides compelling content, fresh commentary and relevant information from some of the most respected figures across the media landscape.

The company, through its Salem Radio Group, is the largest commercial U.S. radio broadcasting company providing Christian and conservative programming.  Salem owns and/or operates 118 radio stations, with 73 stations in the top 25 media markets.  Salem Radio Network (“SRN”) is a full-service national radio network, with nationally syndicated programs comprising Christian teaching and talk, conservative talk, news, and music.  SRN is home to many industry-leading hosts including:  Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Larry Elder, Joe Walsh and Eric Metaxas.

Salem New Media is a leading source of Christian and conservative themed news, analysis, and commentary.  Salem’s Christian sites include:®,,,, and Salem’s conservative sites include®,,,, and

Salem’s Regnery Publishing unit, with a history dating back to 1948, remains the nation’s leading independent publisher of conservative books.  Having published many of the seminal works of the early conservative movement, Regnery today continues as a major publisher in the conservative space, with leading authors including: Ann Coulter, Dinesh D’Souza, Newt Gingrich, David Limbaugh, Ed Klein and Mark Steyn.  Salem’s book publishing business also includes Xulon Press™, a leading provider of self-publishing services for Christian and conservative authors, and Hillcrest Media, a general market self-publisher.

Salem Publishing™ publishes Christian and conservative magazines including Homecoming®, YouthWorker Journal™, The Singing News, and Preaching.

Salem's Eagle Financial Publications provides general market analysis and non-individualized investment strategies from financial commentators Mark Skousen, Nicholas Vardy, Doug Fabian, Bryan Perry, Bob Carlson and Mike Turner, as well as a stock screening website for dividend investors ( The business unit's other financial websites include and

Eagle Wellness, through its website, provides insightful health advice and is a trusted source of high quality nutritional supplements from leading health expert, Leigh Erin Connealy MD.  Dr. Connealy is the medical director of one of the largest medical practices in the country where she practices integrative medicine.

Company Contact:                                                             
Evan D. Masyr
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer                                   
(805) 384-4512

KFMB Announces CW San Diego Launch Date

By Joe Nelson


May 19, 2017


SAN DIEGO, California – (May 19, 2017) – At 12:01am on May 31st, Midwest Television, Inc., parent company of CBS 8, AM 760, 100.7 KFM-BFM will launch its newest station, The CW San Diego. KFMB-TV will operate CBS 8 and The CW as duopolies in the San Diego market. 

San Diegans can find the station on the following systems and channels: 

Over the Air: channel 8.2
AT&T U-Verse: channel 6 and 1006
Spectrum (frmly Charter): channel 6 and 1212
Cox: channel 1006
DirecTV: channel 9
Dish Network: channel 6 and 8794 

The CW Television Network, a joint venture between Warner Bros. Entertainment and CBS Corporation offers original primetime, afternoon and weekend programming, delivering hit shows such as Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Flash, Riverdale, and Jane the Virgin, targeting the highly coveted 18-34 demographic. KFMB-TV's CW channel will also air syndicated and local programming, including newscasts produced by the same team behind CBS News 8, San Diego’s number one source for news. 

"We're really excited to put the same quality of CBS News 8 onto our new CW affiliate,” said Dean Elwood, News Director of NEWS 8. “Now San Diego viewers can get the news they love at a time that's convenient for them, no matter which station they choose." 

The CW newscasts, branded as “NEWS 8 on The CW San Diego,” will air 7am to 9am, 7pm, and 10pm. The anchor teams are as follows: 

NEWS 8 Morning Extra 7-9am: Dan Cohen (anchor), Nichelle Medina (anchor), and Heather Myers (anchor)

NEWS 8 at 7pm: Carlo Cecchetto (anchor), Barbara-Lee Edwards (anchor), Matt Baylow (weather) and Kyle Kraska (sports)

NEWS 8 at 10pm: Marcella Lee (anchor), Eric Kahnert (anchor), Matt Baylow (weather) and Kyle Kraska (sports) 

“We are thrilled to be adding the CW to the KFMB family,” said Alberto Mier y Terán, President and General Manager of the KFMB Stations. “It enhances our strong multimedia platform in San Diego and helps us to better serve all San Diegans with compelling programming and award winning local news.” 

About Midwest Television, Inc. 

Midwest Television, Inc. is San Diego’s leading multimedia company, operating CBS 8, The CW San Diego, AM 760 KFMB, 100.7 KFM-BFM and KFMB Interactive, the market’s only television/radio/digital/mobile media powerhouse serving the community round-the-clock. 

To learn more about Midwest Television, Inc., please visit:

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Latest Ratings

By Joe Nelson

San Diego (#17)
KOGO-AMNews Talk Info.
KHTS-FMPop CHR5.35.45.2
KPBS-FMNews Talk Info.
KMYI-FMHot AC5.05.24.9
XHRM-FMRhythmic AC4.44.34.6
KLNV-FMMexican Regional4.74.74.3
XHTZ-FMPop CHR4.55.14.1
KGB-FMClassic Rock3.03.63.4
KLQV-FMSpanish Adult Hits3.63.83.2
KFMB-FMAdult Hits3.23.33.1
XLTN-FMSpanish Contemp.
KEGY-FMPop CHR3.22.92.5
KIOZ-FMActive Rock2.72.72.4
XPRS-FMClassic Hits1.82.02.3
KFMB-AMNews Talk Info.
XPRS-AMAll Sports1.11.10.8
KLSD-AMAll Sports0.70.60.7
XOCL-FMSpanish Adult Hits0.20.30.2

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

SanDiegoRadio Job Board 5-10-17

By Joe Nelson

Summary of essential job functions
The successful candidates duties will include but are not limited to: Working with salespeople, clients and local or national agencies to obtain and enter commercial copy into the Marketron and Next Gen systems. Communicate daily with production to ensure the correct traffic is running at all times for each advertiser. Candidate will also work closely with the traffic director to make revisions to the commercial logs as needed and will assist salespeople with reports and discrepancies as needed.

Minimum requirements
The position requires strict attention to details and accuracy, and the ability to meet deadlines.  Marketron experience a plus.  Candidate must have the ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.   In addition, the right candidate must have:

·       College Education
·       Previous traffic and continuity experience preferred
·       Accuracy and detail oriented
·       Excellent verbal and written communication skills
·       Strong work ethic; can work independently.
·       Must also have basic knowledge of MS office products, i.e., MS Word and Windows environment.

Please forward your resume to

Part Time On Air

San Diego’s Hit Music Station-Z90, has an opportunity available for a Part Time On-Air position.
The qualified candidates will:
·         Have at least 1 year of On-Air experience
·         Have passion for Pop culture
·         Experience with On Air Board
·         Experience with NexGen a plus, but not required 
·         Deliver lifestyle friendly talk breaks in a conversational manner
·         Have a flexible schedule on the weekends and on occasion, weekday shift fill in 
·         Understand how to communicate effectively through Social Media
·         Understand how to blog on 
·         Execute assigned tasks and Air-Checks and execute directives from Program Director
·         It is helpful if you are familiar with the culture and lifestyle of Southern California, specifically San Diego
·         Familiarity with Voxpro is a plus

To apply, send cover letter,  resume, air check and social media links  to – Please specify that you are applying for the position in the subject line.  No phone calls, please

SanDiegoRadio Spotlight - The TV News Edition

By Joe Nelson

SanDiegoRadio Spotlight - The TV News Edition

May 2017

Steve Price

CBS News 8

Steve, thanks for your time!

What is your current position/Channel/Shift?
Weekend Anchor/Reporter
CBS News 8

How are things with you right now? Life, work…..
These are exciting times for me both professionally and personally. This year marks my 20th anniversary at KFMB! Our weekend shows are #1 at 5, 6:30 and 11. Our news team is expanding to accommodate more newscasts we'll be starting soon on the CW affiliate. Our management team is stable and great to work for. Personally, my wife and I are bracing for our eldest daughter heading to college out of state in the fall... and our son just got his driving permit... so if I seem a little stressed these days... well....

Do you have anything you’d like to talk about? Such as stories from TV News?
The crazy thing about my job, is that I really don't know what I'm covering until I walk in the door... and even then, it could change 3 times. Stories that involve children being hurt are, without question, the toughest to cover. As a dad of 3, I can't help but get emotionally invested. Fires are also tough... watching homes burn... knowing lives are being changed forever. But there are many good days too. I love reporting on people who go out of their way to help fellow San Diegans!

San Diego… What is your favorite place to visit?
We moved here from Baltimore after a blizzard so, without question, our favorite place to visit is the beach!  We love Law Street in PB.  It's sort of like our Cheers Bar... we can't go there without running into friends. 

Is your job still as exciting like it was day one?
My career definitely got off to an exciting start.  My first every story in Palm Springs in 1989 was a huge marijuana farm drug bust.  We had to drive up this long dirt road and I bottomed out the car.  Let's just say my first impression with the station's owner was not a good one! Here in San Diego, my first story was about a trolley expansion and we had some technical difficulties so the tape wasn't ready.  I was super nervous and had to stretch for about 30 seconds, but it felt like forever! Honestly, my job is still exciting every day because I never know what to expect when I walk in to the newsroom.  

Where is your favorite place to go out and eat?
I'm all over the place here... Thai food is a favorite, but I'll never turn down Poke or an In-N-Out burger!

What are some facts about you that maybe no one knows, but could be interesting?
My family and I LOVE to travel. Recent trips include Thailand, Peru, the Amazon, Costa Rica and South Africa with stops in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Next up is Germany, Poland and Prague!

How do you view TV News now, compared to the past, then looking to the future?
News has definitely changed a lot since I first started in 1989! Cable news wasn't very popular and there was no such thing as the internet. Now people can get news instantly... so there's a lot more pressure to get information out quicker... but at the same time, it's also important to take the time to get it right. I think there will always be a need for local news, but I think we'll be reporting for smartphones more than people watching TV on their couch.

What is your favorite movie?
I was an extra in Forrest Gump, so I'm kinda partial to that!  It's the scene where Forrest Gump walks onto the bus and meets Bubba.  I was outside the bus and since it's raining, you can't actually see me, but trust me, it was an Oscar winning performance!  

With Social Media being so prevalent, tell me the advantages of using FB, Instagram, Twitter to connect with your viewers
Twitter is great because you can instantly connect with viewers. During the Bernardo Fire in 2014, viewers evacuated from the area tweeted my their address... then I went by their homes and tweeted back pictures so they could see that everything was ok. Luckily, none of the homes I was asked to check out burned to the ground... but at one house, the fire got so close, their miniblinds inside the window melted. They thought their home was a gonner - so they really appreciated that picture! 

What is your favorite TV News moment, involving yourself?
In San Diego, it was during the Bernardo fire. We saw a fence on fire and it was burning toward the home. We were about to go live, but we knew if we didn't put out the fire, the house would most likely burn... so we grabbed the garden hose and as I was spraying the fence, the producers took out live shot. It ended up going viral and I had friends and family all over the country calling me.

Is there anything in particular you like about the San Diego market vs other markets you’ve worked in? No blizzards here! I hated standing outside in the freezing cold - to tell everyone to stay inside! Also, the crews here at other stations are competitive, but they're also respectful and friendly.

What is the most interesting job you’ve ever had?
This one is definitely the most interesting!

What broadcasters do you look up to?
I grew up watching Michael Tuck... and always admired his professionalism. Getting to work with him for a few years at News 8 was awesome. He was a total pro who really cared about each and every newscast and making everyone around him better. I also admire every war corespondent. Putting your life on the line EVERY day in an unfamiliar environment is stressful and difficult, but their work is extremely important.

If you could go back in time and work during any era of TV News for a few days - which would you choose?
There have been so many amazing moments in history that I would love to cover... but I don't think there is an era I would trade for the one we're in now.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?  
This is a great news market.  San Diegans are very informed and appreciate solid journalism.  Viewers are friendly, but will also call you out when you make a mistake. (Some do it nicer than others 😉.) I feel very fortunate to work and live here.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Aztec Broadcasts Move to iHeart

By Joe Nelson


San Diego, CA – May 8, 2017 – San Diego State University and FOX Sports College Properties announced today a multi-year agreement with iHeartMedia San Diego to broadcast SDSU Football and Men’s Basketball games beginning with the 2017 football season.
Select iHeartMedia San Diego radio stations will be the flagship radio outlets for the San Diego State Aztecs’ game broadcasts through the FOX Sports College Properties Network. Fans can listen to the game broadcasts locally on 101.5 KGB and XTRA 1360 AM in San Diego, on Fox Sports 1350 in Riverside, and nationwide on iHeartRadio, live streaming radio service.
 In addition to the pre-, post- and in-game broadcasts, iHeartMedia San Diego will produce and air a weekly “Coaches Show” with Head Football Coach, Rocky Long, and new Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Brian Dutcher.  Select SDSU Baseball and post-season Women’s Basketball games will be heard on XTRA 1360 AM.
 “We are very excited about partnering with iHeart Media San Diego for our radio rights,” said John David Wicker, SDSU Athletic Director. “The success of not only our football program, which has won consecutive conference championships and finished in the top 25 last season, our men’s basketball program, which has won an unprecedented 10 Mountain West conference championships, but of all of our sports, which have combined to claim 34 team conference titles since the beginning of the 2012-13 season, is something in which the University and the entire San Diego community can take great pride. We look forward to working with iHeart to share the successes of our student-athletes for years to come.”
 iHeartMedia’s Newsradio 600 KOGO, San Diego’s News and Information Station, previously held the broadcast rights for SDSU Athletics from 2007 to 2013.
We are thrilled to welcome back the San Diego State Aztecs to the iHeartMedia family,” said Melissa Forrest, President of iHeartMedia’s San Diego/Riverside Region. “The partnership is a natural fit, given our past broadcast history with SDSU, our unparalleled reach through our multiple platforms and the widely popular Sky Show association for the past 13 years. We can’t wait for the season to start.”
Listeners will get their first chance to hear the new broadcast when the SDSU Football season opens against UC Davis on Saturday, September 2, 2017. The game also coincides with the 42nd KGB Sky Show, the annual San Diego tradition and “The Biggest Fireworks Show West of the Mississippi.”
About iHeartMedia San Diego
iHeartMedia San Diego owns and operates KGB-FM, KLSD-AM, KHTS-FM, KIOZ-FM, KMYI-FM, KSSX-FM, KOGO-AM ]  and is part of iHeartMedia. With over a quarter of a billion monthly listeners in the U.S. and over 85 million social followers, iHeartMedia has the largest national reach of any radio or television outlet in America. As the leader in multiplatform connections, it also serves over 150 local markets through 858 owned radio stations, and the company’s radio stations and content can be heard on AM/FM, HD digital radio, satellite radio, on the Internet at and on the company’s radio station websites, on the iHeartRadio mobile app, in enhanced auto dashes, on tablets, wearables and smartphones, and on gaming consoles.
iHeartRadio, iHeartMedia’s digital radio platform, is the fastest growing digital audio service in the U.S. and offers users thousands of live radio stations, personalized custom artist stations created by just one song or seed artist and the top podcasts and personalities. With over a billion downloads, iHeartRadio reached 100 million registered users faster than any other radio or digital music service.
iHeartMedia’s platforms include radio broadcasting, online, mobile, digital and social media, podcasts, personalities and influencers, live concerts and events, syndication, music research services and independent media representation. iHeartMedia is a division of iHeartMedia, Inc. (OTCBB: IHRT). Visit for more company information.​
About San Diego State Aztecs:
The San Diego State Aztecs are a Division I program and a member of the Mountain West Conference. Since the beginning of the 2012-13 academic year, San Diego State has won 34 team conference championships. This decade, SDSU has had seven teams in six different sports finish in the top 10 at NCAA national championship competitions. The two-time defending conference champion football program has advanced to postseason play each of the last seven seasons, has won 11 games each of the last two seasons and ended the 2016 campaign ranked 25th nationally in both the Associated Press and USA Today polls. Since the start of the 2010 football season, San Diego State ranks fifth nationally in combined football and men’s basketball winning percentage.