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Big Weekend Ahead for Pala Rez Radio and the B100 Legacy

By Joe Nelson

Two years ago, Pala Rez Radio 91.3 turned over its airwaves to a bunch of hyperactive middle-age disc jockeys from the 1970s who – thank goodness! – still haven’t completely grown up.  The result was the resurrection of San Diego’s B100 FM for B100 Hours on 91.3 FM. 
(Photos Courtesy of Jr Rogers)
Well, it’s time to go back … Jack, and do it again.  March 30 through April 2, B100 will be back on the air in Pala and on the Rez Radio live stream on iHeartRadio, recreating the excitement of Top 40 radio honoring the 40th anniversary of B100 FM becoming the first major market FM station to be rated by former industry ratings company Arbitron as #1 overall, all ages, all week long in 1977. 
Original B100 program director Bobby Rich, music director Jimi Fox, and about three dozen former B100 staffers will converge on Pala Resort for the weekend creating new memories on the radio and sharing vintage shows from the 1970s and 80s.  There will be a live broadcast from poolside at …

SanDiegoRadio Job Posting 3-23-17

By Joe Nelson




Employee: Vacant

Classification: Information Officer II

Working Title: Public Information Officer

Department: Marketing

Supervisor: Jennifer Hellman, Staff Services Manager II-Managerial (Marketing Director)

Effective Date: To Be Determined


Under the general direction of the Staff Services Manager II-Managerial (Marketing Director), the duties of the Information Officer II (Public Information Officer), include, but are not limited to, having full responsibility for developing, organizing, directing, and evaluating a comprehensive program to inform the public of the activities and objectives of the 22nd District Agricultural Association (the Del Mar Fairgrounds facility and the various events and activities hosted at the facility), serving as the official spokespers…

Jack Vincent Tribute Video

By Joe Nelson

   On January 29, KCBQ legend Jack Vincent left us at the age of 99. He was easily one of the more interesting people I have met in the business.

   He may have been nearly 100 years old, but you could never let that fool you. If you held a conversation with Jack, you could quickly see the man was incredibly smart, very witty and the stories of his nearly century-long life were captivating. He never seemed to tire of taking about his life experiences, be it from his years in the service, on the radio, or just life itself. If you played against him at Shotgun Tom Kelly's Pool Hall, you were up against a serious challenge, the man was skilled in the game. Even if he was simply an observer, he would suggest, no, not suggest, he would tell you what to do to sink the ball. And you know what? He was pretty much always right.

   I spoke to Shotgun today and he told me of this tribute video put together by 'Radio's Best Friend' Art Vuolo.

   Jack was buried at Mi…

Latest Ratings

By Joe Nelson

San Diego (#17)
SUBSCRIBERFORMATHOL 16JAN 17FEB 17KPBS-FMNews Talk Info. CHR4.75.75.3KSON-FMCountry4.04.75.3KXSN-FMAC5.25.45.3KMYI-FMHot AC4.44.35.0KOGO-AMNews Talk Info. Regional4.24.14.7XHTZ-FM

CW6 Weekend News

By Joe Nelson
   Today marks the final weekend news broadcasts for San Diego's CW6.

   Just a little reminder, tune in if you can.

Thanks and best wishes to all the great friends I have made there over the years. Carlos Delgado, Gina Daos Welker, Gary Kelley, Lee 'Hacksaw' Hamilton, and especially Gary Buzel. Here is a photo of Gary and I from a trip we took to the desert for checking out abandoned buildings and flying his drone.

   A couple years ago, Gary let me tag along and do a story on how their reporters put a story together for the evening news. It's not nearly as easy as one might assume.

   Check this story out, filed one day before the last Mayoral election between Kevin Faulconer and Davis Alvarez.

FM 949 Adds Dana and Jayson to Mornings

By Joe Nelson

 SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 9, 2017 – Entercom San Diego today announced the debut of “Dana and Jayson” on KBZT FM 949. The program will air Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and will be hosted by Dana DiDonato and Jayson Prim. DiDonato, a reformed sorority girl and married mother of 3, and Prim, the gay son of a Baptist preacher, bring their unique relationship as two unlikely best friends to morning drive on San Diego’s number one Alternative station, FM 949.

Each show takes listeners on a ride through vulnerable, awkward, and hilarious conversations that would usually be saved for happy hour with your closest friends. “It’s a really exciting day for FM 949 and Entercom San Diego to be able to add such dynamic personalities to San Diego’s Alternative,” said FM 949 Program Director and Entercom San Diego Operations Manager Kevin Callahan, “They made me laugh.


Sunny 98.1 Ed Sheeran Contest

By Joe Nelson

FEBRUARY 27, 2017 - Entercom is giving a lucky fan and a guest the opportunity to attend global superstar Ed Sheeran’s concert in Amsterdam on Monday, April 3rd. The contest kicks off on Monday, February 27, when fans can tune into their local Entercom station and listen for the code word for a chance to win a trip to Amsterdam and tickets to the concert. 
Entercom radio stations in 22 cities across the U.S. will reveal the code word at 7 a.m., 11 a.m., 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. local time. Fans who enter the code word on their station’s website within 15 minutes will be entered for a chance to win. 
The contest ends on Friday, March 10th, and the lucky winner will be announced on Monday, March 13. The prize includes round trip airfare to Amsterdam, Netherlands, hotel accommodations for 3 nights and tickets to Ed Sheeran’s concert for the winner and a guest. For the last two weeks, Entercom has been p…