SanDiegoRadio Spotlight - The Radio Edition

By Joe Nelson

SanDiegoRadio Spotlight - The Radio Edition

January 2017

Rick Lawrence

Happy New Year, SanDiegoRadio readers! 

After a little bit of a break, the Spotlight is back. This month we feature 100.7 KFM-BFM's Rick Lawrence. 

Hello Rick, thanks for accepting the Spotlight for January. I have been wanting to feature you for some time now, so let's get started.


First off, I want to thank you Joe, for even asking me to be profiled, but I have to ask. Who would really want to know about me? Seriously? The fact that you are asking, makes me feel like I actually may be doing a good job, though! 

Right now, I'm just that voice in- between songs, that hopes you might give a listen to what I say. At least, maybe, I can tell you who did that particular song you heard but couldn't remember. At best, you're going to stick around on the hopes I will tell you something about that particular artist. What they are doing currently. An anecdote or funny story about them you haven't heard before, or maybe a personal experience I've had with them that I can share.

It's a weird business being on the radio. You go to work with the hopes you are going to inform, entertain, and have fun with an audience you hope are listening, but can't see. And aside from a few phone calls, you have no idea, who or how many people are really listening to you, and what their reaction may be! It's like being on stage and being a comedian or an entertainer, and getting no reaction back to judge how you're doing. I could be talking to a wall for all I know. My hope, though, is that I can bring something extra to your listening experience, by being a real human being, you might even live next door to, who has a great story to tell or a little quirky personality, that may endear me to you. A friend you can hang with everyday, who doesn't judge, likes the same music as you do, and can make you laugh once in awhile. You know?Something you just can't get on the premium radio, music services.

I was born and raised here in San Diego. Grew up in the Pt. Loma /O.B. area as a 3rd generation San Diegan. I'm currently having a blast on the weekends and filling in whenever, at 100.7 KFM BFM, and I love it! The music is everything I know and grew up with. My boss Garett is one of the best P.D.'s I've ever worked for and I'm once again working with old friends I've known and worked with for years, like Dave Shelly and Chainsaw , Ruthie, Robin Roth, and Jeff Stewart. All the best in the business and the best people, too. Most people might know me from being on the air on ROCK 102.1/105.3 from the early 90's and reporting news and traffic for most of all the i-Heart media radio stations for 20 years. I occasionally get a gig for some voice-over work, but right now, I am honestly looking for a job, during the week days, that could use a person of my many talents, which are many!. I've done just about everything, from managing a hair salon as a stylist myself, to running a courier company in L.A. to delivering mail as a letter carrier for the USPS in Encinitas. Radio and entertainment have always been my passion, though.

My two favorite radio stories are when I was on the air waiting for Eddie Vedder to arrive at the station (ROCK 102.1 at the time ). for an interview, and I introduced myself and he said...."I was listening to you on the way here! Man, you've got an awesome voice!" I thought I was gonna crap my pants! The other is when the night jock at the time, Todd Kelly met a girl at a ROCK 105.3 club night and said to her.." Wow! Rick Lawrence would love YOU!". Apparently she took note. She showed up at my club night the following week to check me out. He was right! We've been married for 20 years now! 

Being a local, there are so many places in San Diego that I love to go to, especially the beach. I could tell you this or that beach is the best, but to me, they're all the best . Just give me the waves, the smell of the ocean, and a San Diego sunset and I'm in heaven. It's all home to me! We've also become a foodies delight in the last few years. So many culinary delights to experience in every unique neighborhood. In the end, though, I'm a simple guy. I could live on Mexican food, which without a doubt is the best here in San Diego, and Sushi. No shortage of those places either! 

I thought about an acting career at one time and actually got my A.A. in Theater Arts. I absolutely love, live theater, and the art of film-making fascinates me still. If you asked me what my favorite film was, it would be really hard to give you just one, but the one that always comes to mind is "Cinema Paradiso". don't ask me why, though. It just does something to me. 

I have to mention the broadcasters and talented people that I really admire and still look up to. First off, before I ever even thought of getting into radio, Jim McInnes and John Leslie at 101.5 KGB were my radio "heroes". Jim had the humor, John had the voice, and they both had the knowledge of everything they played and more. I wanted to be the combination of those two. Still workin' on that one! But, incredibly, as fate would have it , I ended up working my first radio job at KGB when they both were still there! Needless to say, they were instrumental in helping me to hone my chops behind the microphone. 
Eddie Vedder & Rick
All in all, I've been so blessed to have spent my entire 32 year radio career in my beautiful hometown, flying over its absolutely gorgeous beaches, majestic mountains, and beautifully diverse neighborhoods, as an airborne reporter and spinning the best music ever heard on the planet. I'm hoping and praying this wondrous and joyful ride will never end!

Rick, thanks a ton for your time, I learned so much I never knew about you!

-Joe Nelson


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