Questions From a Reader

By Joe Nelson
   I received this email a little ways back. I sat on it longer than I should have, but between work and the holidays, I hope the writer can understand.

   I wanted to open these questions to the readers. I think a wide range of ideas and opinions could go much further.

   Please utilize the comments section to reply, and give it a bit to show up as I have to approve all comments for content/slander/vulgarities. Thanks

   The letter:
  I'm interested in knowing how to become part of talk radio as the next leg of my career and would enjoy/appreciate virtually any perspective you might want to offer on it, especially here in SD.  

   First, is the talk radio market here and nationally growing in your estimation?  What's your outlook on it?  Is the supply of talk shows crowded already or might there be room for more? 
   ​How is the "typical" talk show run?  Writers?  Producers?  How are stories developed?  Is the staff active full time even though the shows are just a few hours in length?
   I'd like to meet some of the people who I have heard here.  Is there anyone who wouldn't mind sitting down with me for 15 minutes?  I'd like to meet Brett Winterble, Sully, Carl DeMaio.  Do you know any of these people or friends of theirs or people on their shows?  What would you recommend as a good way for me to start doing some informational interviewing?



gloria said…
Well, you can't be a liberal talk show

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