KFMB and CW Merge

By Joe Nelson


JANUARY 18, 2017


SAN DIEGO, California – (January 18, 2017) – Midwest Television, Inc., parent company of CBS 8/KFMB-TV, AM 760, 100.7 KFM-BFM, announced today it is adding the San Diego CW Network affiliation. Beginning September 1, 2017, KFMB-TV will operate CBS 8 and CW as duopolies in the San Diego market.

The CW Television Network, a joint venture between Warner Bros. Entertainment and CBS Corporation, offers original primetime, afternoon and weekend programming, delivering hit shows such as Arrow, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Flash, Jane the Virgin and Supergirl, targeting the highly coveted 18-34 demographic. KFMB-TV's CW channel will also air syndicated and local programming, including newscasts produced by CBS News 8, San Diego’s number one source for news.

“We are thrilled to be adding the CW to the KFMB family,” said Alberto Mier y Terán, President and General Manager of the KFMB Stations. “It enhances our strong multimedia platform in San Diego and helps us to better serve all San Diegans with compelling programming and award winning local news.”

About Midwest Television, Inc.

Midwest Television, Inc. is San Diego’s leading multimedia company, operating CBS 8/KFMB-TV, MeTV, AM 760 KFMB, 100.7 KFM-BFM and KFMB Interactive, the market’s only television/radio/digital/mobile media powerhouse serving the community round-the-clock.

To learn more about Midwest Television, Inc., please visit: www.cbs8.com.


travelhubradio said…
I'm very curious to see what happens to XETV in this scenario. Will they stay English as an Independent or will they go full Spanish? I'm not sure if the same company that runs (not owns) 6 still runs the My Network TV affiliate (they could opt to move to the stronger channel 6) but so far the news seems mum on their plans.

In Monterey, where I grew up, the CBS affiliate also programs The CW on a digital subcarrier. They use the CW's Plus Service (http://cwplustv.com) which is fully programmed by The CW for smaller and secondary stations. It clears the entire CW schedule, plus a number of syndicated content similar to what Fox, CW and independents in major markets carry. It's possible KFMB will use this service as well, which might clear some of the programming that XETV currently shows if they drop English programming. I'll stay tuned to SDRadio for more information!
giap said…
XETV will go Spanish.
I say this, as I "grew up" in the same state where you did. But where XETV be is located -- taken over by .mmi...... by where XETV be based from. Speaking that language.

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