Brad Martin to Retire from KPBS

By Joe Nelson

   I received a letter from Kevin Schrader of KPBS. He asked that I run this. Best wishes to you, Brad Martin!

Dear KPBS Staff
After 17 years at KPBS, Brad Martin has announced his retirement from the station. When he came to KPBS, Brad was working at The Planet as 103.7 was known those days, and his on-air name was Gary Chase. He was also the voice of KYXY, doing their liners, promotions and spots, a job he held for many years into this KPBS tenure. Brad's career took him from the hills of Pennsylvania where he grew up to the beaches of Miami and then to San Diego, with a few stops along the way, which is typical for the commercial radio industry. Along the way his voice entertained, delighted and soothed millions of listeners.
After a career of travels, Brad found a home at KPBS as the afternoon host of All Things Considered and eventually as the voice of KPBS Television. Brad has always been kind and generous, and felt like he had found a place where he could make a positive impact.
We will all miss Brad; his sense of humor and his desire to be a team player and make KPBS a success.

Tom Karlo
General Manager
Kevin Schrader
HDTV Television Engineer

Thanks for your letter, Kevin.



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