Josh Board's 100 Best Movies of the 21st Century

By Joe Nelson

   Radio/TV Film critic Josh Board has compiled his list of the '100 Best Movies of the 21st Century.

   Josh states on his FOX 5 website:

"I hate making lists, unless there are some ground rules. For example, in the movie High Fidelity, they don’t just name the five best songs. It’s the “five best ‘break-up’ songs.” That’s a lot more fun and a lot less subjective.
Yet I had to write this list, because when the BBCcame out with a list of the top 100 movies of the 21st Century (by asking 177 film critics across the world), I couldn’t control my rage. It’s baffling to see movies like Tree of Life, Shame, Inherent Vice, Carol…just pretentious garbage. Movies that had a few great scenes, but weren’t great films (Moulin Rouge, The Grand Budapest Hotel). And how in the world can Mad Max be on such a list? It was a bunch of cars and guns in the desert, with no plot.
Other movies, like Inside Llewyn Davis, were okay. I just couldn’t help but think it made the list because it was a Coen brothers picture. Aside from an outstanding performance by Oscar Isaac, and some good folk songs, there wasn’t much there.
After I had a BBC radio station interview me to talk about this list, as well as a few other stations from around the world, from Australia to San Francisco, I thought I’d do my own list.
I decided not to put in documentaries. At least 10 spots would’ve been filled by those choices (I’m looking at you, Man on Wire and The Act of Killing).
And unlike other lists, I’ll start with the best first. I mean, you would’ve just scrolled to the bottom and seen it anyway."
Find this commentary and Josh's list right HERE


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