The Saturday Night Sock Hop Will Be No More

By Joe Nelson

   I received some bad news recently and had to share. I don't like sharing such stories, but I know I have a responsibility. Plus given Mike's passion for radio, it makes it hurt a little more.

Maybe another station would love to have this show? Hint hint

Mike - best wishes and look me up if you need anything!

 Very sorry to report that there will be no more music on KCBQ after next weekend.. I've got to wrap up the show after 6 years, and Jack Flash (of the Moldie Oldies show on Sunday) wont be playing any more music on his show,either. We got the word on this late last week.  Nothing can be done about it. I'd love to get it on another station, but I dont have much hope. Just thought you'd like to know. Bummer of a situation.

 But it was a nice run, and you'll never again hear 99% of  what I played on the radio again, AM or FM. I"m glad I had the chance to do it when I did,because now it would be impossible on KCBQ. Thanks for giving me a little space on your great website, it's the place to go for local radio info. I"m sure my radio days are over.


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