Fines Levied on KURS

By Joe Nelson (With help for Tom Taylor of "Tom Taylor Now" Newsletter)

As shown below, KURS  has been levied fines as stated below, with newer information after this section:

Daily Digest 

Vol. 35 No. 117                                                  June 21, 2016



                    PUBLIC NOTICES


Report No: SCL-00184 Released:  06/21/2016.  ACTIONS TAKEN UNDER CABLE LANDING LICENSE ACT. (DA No.  16-703).  IB

Report No: 48760 Released:  06/21/2016.  BROADCAST ACTIONS.  MB

Report No: 28760 Released:  06/21/2016.  BROADCAST APPLICATIONS.  MB

Released:  06/21/2016.  FEE DECISIONS OF THE MANAGING DIRECTOR. (DA No.  16-576). (Dkt No 86-285 ).  OMD




QUETZAL BILINGUAL COMMUNICATIONS, INC.   Issued a $12,000 monetary forfeiture and short-term renewal for Station KURS(AM), San Diego, CA for failure to prepare issues and program's lists in the Station's public file and to file biennial ownership reports. Action by:  Chief, Audio Division, Media Bureau. Adopted:  06/21/2016 by Forfeiture Order. (DA No. 16-704).  MB

APPLICATION FOR REVIEW CONCERNING STATION DK15CC, SAN ANTONIO, TX.   Denied the Application for Review by Ms. Gwendolyn May, former permittee of deleted low power television station DK15CC, San Antonio, TX, seeking reinstatement of construction permit and assignment and modification applications. Action by:  the Commission. Adopted:  06/17/2016 by MO&O. (FCC No. 16-77).  MB

This is a new fine in addition to one in April Tom Taylor reported on, this is his article from Apr 22:

San Diego’s KURS/1040 is also slapped with a $12,000 fine and a four-year license renewal due to violations of the public file rule (missing quarterly lists) and failing to file several biennial ownership reports. Like Rhode Island’s WJMF, KURS essentially turned itself in by checking “No” on the certification box for the quarterly filings. The FCC also finds that KURS “incorrectly certifies that all biennial ownership reports had been filed,” since it missed filing in 2007, 2009 and 2011. KURS has failed to clean up that problem, or to supply the FCC with a “detailed listing of the missing issues and programs” quarterly lists it re-created. Like WJMF in the previous story, the FCC says the conduct by KURS has “fallen far short of the standard of compliance.”

Thanks Tom!


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