Letter From the Editor

By Joe Nelson

   I run SanDiegoRadio as a service to my media friends. Everyone has been incredibly generous and kind to me and I just can't thank my 'birdies' enough.

   Effective immediately I am disabling the comments section of SDR. The last week or so I have received far too many letters that are just too, how do I put it... stupid. I spend a lot of time gathering info and publishing it here. I really don't have the time to be sifting through comments and being subjected to negative comments and childish name calling. Not only at me, but at my radio/TV friends. If you can only comment under the name "Anonymous", you have no weight in my world.

   I do SDR for free, as a service to the local media industry. I also have a full time job, three kids, three grandkids and am in a relationship. You will not waste my time or distract me from my goals.

   If you enjoy trolling people or calling out their history and/or credibility, you are not welcome in my world.

   Thank you to my other 99.9% of people who have always had my back.

I said Good Day!



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