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By Joe Nelson


Anonymous said…
Let's see how long KIFM can keep that 6 share with their recent format change.
Anonymous said…

Remember that '6 share' 12+ for KIFM - included a 25-54 12th place during morning/afternoon drive - according to posts on other sites.

The 12+ numbers are almost useless to sales reps trying to sell to the core demos that advertisers want to reach. It's a nice promotional 'feather in the cap' - but there is a reason the media can publish the 12+ numbers 'for free'. :-)

Maybe Joe, since he can;t reprint current numbers, could interview a sales rep in the industry and explain old numbers to demonstrate the point?

Because it's all about the demos - and target audience -- not the 12+ number.
Anonymous said…
Hey Joe- Why did you take that entire thread about KBZT not flipping to sports down? Was it about your credibility? Did you find out something? Did Entercom tell you it was a good idea that you take it down. Please let us know. There were a lot of posts that seemed to make sense that I didn't know about posted by anonymous contributors which seemed to make a lot of sense. Some of it was amusing. I got a screen save before you took it down, but why not put it back up? What's the deal? The truth will set you free! There is a button that you want to check that says I AM NOT A ROBOT. Surely you aren't a robot for Entercom. -- A fan of your website.
Hello not a robot, yeah. I have a rule that if someone says something ugly or hurtful to me or my people, it's gone. All of it. One came in. Sorry. I do this for free. Ain't nobody (that'd be me) got time for that! Thanks for reading. I'm moving past that subject too. I'm falling behind on things ahead of me.
Anonymous said…
The only that was said you find "hurtful" was a question about what you said....that you worked/work in radio? Just wondered where that was Joe. You took down that whole thread over that?
No. It was another letter after.
Anonymous said…
Uh oh, Cahrmichael's clone, Joe, is outted.. Anyway, glad to see
760 is sliding into KCBQ territory.. Last chance: Make Slater a sideline reporter and bring in a national syndi talent like Savage or Levin.

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