Fox 5's Phil Blauer Investigates Decaying Balboa Park

By Joe Nelson

   As a native San Diegan, some news stories affect me more than others. Tonight will be one of those.

Fox 5's Phil Blauer will have a special report on the plight of our city's gem, Balboa Park.

If I can add an editor's note here, I can say that I have recently visited the park a few times in the last couple months and I noticed an obvious difference from when it truly was a spectacular park. There is a lot of deterioration and mold around the historic buildings, the stench of urine has never been greater, and the general 'feel' just wasn't what it once was.

Here is a fb preview of Phil's report he will run on tonight's 6pm newscast.


Chloelouise said…
I love Balboa Park Trails and they are a great improvement. Try the weekday evening concerts....Twilight in the Park. Have you been to the Japanese Garden since it was enlarged.

Balboa Park is on many of my routes so I go through there quite often. I also like the improvement made by Bob Filner to the Plaza where the roundabout used to be. It is a much better use of space now and more room for visitors to sit down and have lunch.

I will check out your vid.

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