Bromo Picks up Number Seven

By Joe Nelson
   Wednesday evening David 'Bromo' Abromowitz asked me to attend something very special. Mind you, he flew out here from Minot, North Dakota for this. It was for his seven year sobriety token.

   At 7PM at Freedom Ranch about 3,000 miles east of San Diego, Bromo spoke to the approximately 50 residents currently residing at the substance and alcohol rehabilitation ranch. Freedom Ranch is a 300 acre beautiful section of land in the back country complete with cabins, a full kitchen, one telephone, picnic areas, horseshoe pit and a 9 hole miniature golf course constructed on the soil with various yard and garden items to accent the course. I would have taken photos, but they are prohibited.

   I also attended when he picked up #4. And while the speech may have had similarities, this one was different. I got the feeling #7 is a magic number of sorts. His speech was incredibly powerful and moving. And his audience was fixated on his every word.

   He started out with the group knowing him as a guy named David. But as his story unfolded, and he revealed meeting Dave Rickards and making the life changing career choice to become a member of the DSC Show, he revealed he is DSC's Bromo. The crowd let out a collective cheer as they certainly had listened to him through the years and were obviously big fans.

   Bromo's primary message was 'HOPE'. He conveyed the importance of the need to always have hope. I absolutely know this message sank in to every person in that room. While meeting outside after, they all came up to him and thanked him, shared their stories and autographs were even requested.

   I am so proud of Bromo and I cannot even find the words to describe this joy. This is a man that was near death and has grabbed life and has truly turned it around. I cannot wait for token #8. Also, Friday is his birthday, so Happy Birthday, Bromo!



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