SDR EXCLUSIVE: We Have a New Station in Town, and it's About to get Sunny!

By Joe Nelson

Hot off the presses, this just in to!

For Immediate Release                                                                                                Contact: Jenny Nelson
April 21, 2016                                                                                                     Phone: 650-906-7112

Entercom San Diego Introduces the New Sunny 98.1!
Bringing San Diego Better Music for a Better Workday

San Diego, CA – At 5:00 PM Pacific Time today, Entercom introduced Sunny 98.1! to San Diego.  The New Sunny 98.1 will deliver a contemporary playlist of stand-out hits from the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and today. 
“A lot has changed in the past three years and we felt that there was something missing in the current media landscape in San Diego,” said Pat Paxton, Entercom’s President of Programming. “We brought the best and brightest in to do research. The research unequivocally showed that young 30-40 year olds and our die-hard 40+ fans want a more current and contemporary music mix.”

The new station has been three years in the making. In 2013, Easy 98.1 launched in San Diego and it soon became a market leader, hitting the #1 spot in total audience shortly after the launch, seeing continued success over the past three years among all audience groups. 

“Sunny 98.1 is the right station for San Diego…It is fun, upbeat and will feature music that engages listeners by evoking memories and connecting with fans,” said Bob Bolinger, Vice President/Market Manager of Entercom San Diego. “Sunny 98.1 will offer listeners and advertisers tremendous ways to connect with audiences on air, online and at events throughout San Diego.”
The New Sunny 98.1 is positioned and poised to make a huge splash in the market:

·         Local Connection: Irresistible live and local personalities and local events
·         Community First: A Commitment to social responsibility, cause marketing and making San Diego a better place
·         Owning the workday: 10 songs in a row every hour, every day 
·         Dynamic Format: Up tempo, bright and fun presentation
·         High Impact Brand Environment: Less Commercial load more music, great integrated opportunities

“Sunny 98.1 is programmed in San Diego for San Diego,” said Brooks O’Brian, Program Director for Entercom San Diego. “We are excited to bring our listeners live and local personalities and world class events in an up-tempo, bright and fun presentation that only Sunny 98.1 can.”
Look for the Sunny 98.1 to announce its programming lineup, compelling on air personalities in the next phase of the All New Sunny 98.1!
For more information visit:

About Entercom
Entercom Communications Corp. (NYSE: ETM) founded in 1968 and Philadelphia based, is the fourth-largest radio broadcasting company in the US with a portfolio of 124 highly rated radio stations in 27 top markets across the country. Laser focused on investing in local communities, content and talent, our brands reach and engage with 40 million people a week.  We are known for developing unique and highly successful locally programmed stations, delivering a curated mix of outstanding local personalities and a broad range of compelling music, news, talk and sports content. 
With the integration of SmartReach Digital into our product suite, we deliver unparalleled ROI by connecting brands to audiences through our branded sites and over 1,000 events a year. More information is available at, Facebook and Twitter (@entercom).
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Anonymous said…
poor san diego radio cant keep formats long
Anonymous said…
You know, I really don't think 80s music is getting played enough on the radio these days. Ugh.
Anonymous said…
Just what we need.. some Philly owned company with their "research" (does ANYONE here actually take those annoying phone calls? if so, do you answer them truthfully??) to change a top rated station and run it into the ground?

Who listens to the radio these days? People old like me who don't plug "their music" in the car..
Anonymous said…
Relax everyone. It's just a soft oldies AC station with a different brand. WHo cares? Nothing has changed but the handle. If you want to see a real radio train wreck, look at facebook page for KFOG in San Francisco and see what Bryan Shock (91X, KPRI) has done to that once important radio station. OUCH!
Al said…
"It's just a soft oldies AC station with a different brand"

That's what it sounds like to me, too....pretty much the same as the old one, only slightly hotter.
Anonymous said…

I think it's 100% fair to wonder out loud (or at least in Joe's blog) why an operator would rebrand a station when it's the number 1 station 12+. But as with all 'soft' / 'easy' formats in people meter markets ... are the listener's 'ACTIVELY' listening or is it just on in the vicinity / background? Plus, what about the sales guys? Are they able to sell a station with potentially 'artificial' daytime numbers 12+ and potentially low am/pm drive numbers ?

Just like any station that 'plays more music', EZ98 lacked 'soul' and 'personality' that attracts interaction or a perception that spots are actually listened to. We saw 'Jack' fail all over the country when it's all 'music' and no 'soul' format became just another Pandora channel.

The presser suggests their plan is to tweak the personality of the station. Gene Knight was just hired there, right ? I would presume they are going to add a personality for morning drive too? I would guess their plan is to get noticed and not just blend into the wall paper.

Al said…
"...why an operator would rebrand a station when it's the number 1 station 12+."

We don't really know how the audience was distributed by age and sex (at least I don't). The #1 rating 6+ is a composite across pretty much everyone, but my guess is the burden was strapped squarely on the backs of the near elderly, based on the music they had been playing. They probably just want some younger listeners without alienating their older ones...more saleable, you know.
Patsy Kelly said…
I think they are WAY off base with this... How is 98.1 going to be any different than 96.5 and 105.7? We do not need another channel like this... Looks like I'll be more of a regular at 100.7. I knew as soon as they stopped playing Carpenters things were going to go south.
Anonymous said…

Using that logic - that we 'already have a station/store that provides X' ... Target or Walmart or Trader Joe's should never open a store in a city or neighborhood that already has a store that sells apples, milk and granola bars.

If a station can go after a demo and get ratings and sell to those ratings - without fragmenting the demo too much - more power to them!

Sunny/Entercom claim in their press blurb they want to add personality - I'm all for that. Our market lacks good strong personalities after morning drive. Talkers go overboard with that, of course - but music driven stations tend to plod out generic Joe and Mary 'pitch pimps' after 9/10 AM and then package that with the same tired tight play lists -- with at least dozen explanations of the format and latest promotion read like a 'good soldier' over and over.

IMO - the same over-studied and engineered playlists and formats are not going to grab an audience in 2016 - and music can be listened to all over the net ... so why not drive listeners to something besides a formula ... and why can't it be 'personalty driven' with a 'music wrapper' that is truly *FUN* and not just *FUN* because every other bumper and promo claims it ?
Anonymous said…
Kyxy is for younger chicks now. Not that much crossover with Sunny anymore.
Patsy Kelly said…
Anonymous 4/26 at 11:42AM - You're dead on. I agree with you looking at it like that.

You said, "IMO - the same over-studied and engineered playlists and formats are not going to grab an audience in 2016 - and music can be listened to all over the net ... so why not drive listeners to something besides a formula ... and why can't it be 'personalty driven' with a 'music wrapper' that is truly *FUN* and not just *FUN* because every other bumper and promo claims it ?"

Totally... I wish some station would break out and shake it up, but so far they haven't yet. I also agree with the anonymous from 4/27... KYXY is skewing "younger" than they had been... Guess Sam Bass will be out of a job soon. Can't stand him anyway. Bring back my Carpenters, Air Supply, Little River Band, and Christopher Cross, 98.1!

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