SanDiegoRadio's Favorite Radio April Fools Prank

By Joe Nelson

   Today is the annually dreaded "April Fool's Day". Not my favorite day, but it can produce some pretty good material for radio.

   I wanted to share what I consider as MY favorite April 1 joke...

Dave Rickards of the DSC orchestrated a brilliant bit that fooled many.

He 'landed' the Space Shuttle at Montgomery Field.

For the audio clip from the actual bit, scroll about halfway down in this interview with Dave from Oct. 2014.

Click HERE

I will give an honorable mention to another good one, I was working at KSON when Bert and Lisa told the listeners there was an ATM spitting out bills and wouldn't stop. The great part was, it was in front of the grocery store within view of the studio. The parking lot filled real fast!

Be careful today!


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