Rich Singley Brings you the 70s - And for a Great Cause

By Joe Nelson

   Rich Singley, KRLY 107.9 Alpine wanted me to share this... Good stuff, Rich!

   It starts by picturing a guy talking in a Twilight Zone Rod Serling voice:

   "Imagine a world where everything is psychedelic, colorful and trippy. A world where a large gong instrument can end it all for aspiring stars. Where dress and fashion is so far out and groovy that it extends well passed the normal and practical..AND with a tribute band that is so incredible that even the band it honors comes to listen"

   Our world of fantasy and fun starts with the sobering message that cancer kills hourly and that we need science to stop this disaster. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is set up to collect funds from this show that go directly to research, care and treatment with amazing prolific results. While this event will be fun, exciting and memorable, your attendance will provide monies to the people at war with cancer.

   Our back to the 70's party will start with "The Gong Show" (remember that show?) with a comedy competition between many of San Diego's brightest and funniest, judged by a panel of San Diego's favorite celebrities. Then we will complete this journey, after many fun-filled surprises and prizes, with a fantastic tribute band "Space Cowboy" with the lead guitarist from the Steve Miller Band, Hall of Famer, Greg Douglass

  "Yes you have entered the 70's Zone ....and let us all GONG the crap out of cancer"

Get Tickets here!


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