We Have an HD Flip - Time to Get JAM'N!

By Joe Nelson

   iHeart San Diego's John Peake just sent me news of a flip.  HD 95.7 KISS FM is no more. Welcome "JAM'N 957" to the HD dial.

This, from John:

Today we launched a new station in San Diego!  It was time to bring Hip Hop back to the market so we did.  Please welcome the new, JAM’N 957 on KSSX-FM HD3! 
This is a station dedicated to San Diego’s best Hip Hop and part of iHM’s new Multi-Cultural initiative.  The new station will start thumpin’ tonight at midnight with San Diego’s Hip Hop on 95.7 HD3.
Please give it a listen and let us know what you think.  
Spread the word about San Diego’s new JAM’N 957.
Hoppy Easter Weekend

Thanks John!


David in LBC said…
Is this station on 95.7 HD3 or is it the main signal on 95.7 displacing KISS FM there? Until now there was just an HD1 and HD2 on 95.7. There wasn't an HD3 prior to now.
Anonymous said…
95.7 Kiss nreds7an overhaul..not sure this is it but will check it out.
Anonymous said…
Do people even have HD radios? Those seemed to have died out before they were ever able to take off.
Anonymous said…
Too bad nobody has an HD radio or cares.
Anonymous said…
Kiss needs to go anyways. Maybe they will replace Kiss with this eventually.
Anonymous said…
HD? If a tree falls in the forest with no one around, does it make a sound?
Anonymous said…
Nobody listens to HD/AM I was wondering--how does that work? Do you buy a special radio?
Anonymous said…
"Do you buy a special radio?"


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