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By Joe Nelson


Anonymous said…
We love your web site, but we think the rank function you use is not correct.
For example, and we are not picking on any station, KPBS should be ranked 8th not 5th because there are 4 stations above it and KSON should be ranked 8th because there are 7 stations above it. Statistics classes aside - just because 3 stations tied for 2nd doesn't mean the next ranking is 3.

We are guessing these are the only numbers you can publish because copyright by the ratings company but is there a way to report day part rankings or any demographic ranks to make the information more useful for us to discuss on your blog - between friends ?

Thank you Joe Nelson!
Anonymous said…
I seem to recall hearing that you could post "ranks" of stations in finer demographics without further permission. For example, in 25-54 Adults, station A is first, station B is 2nd, etc.

Having said that, and noting the format/font of the information he's given, I doubt that Joe has access at this time to information beyond what he's posted. Maybe he can chime in, if that's not correct.
Anonymous said…
Glad to see KFM-BFM slowly rising in the ratings.
You could be right about the rankings when it comes to a tie. I just figured folks would mentally slot them in as they feel comfortable. Thanks for the kind words, yeah I can only legally publish so much so I don't pay attention to ratings any fourth we than this.


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