JM is Back in the PM on the KGB!

By Joe Nelson

   I am really trying to hold back the excitement on this one, as I am supposed to be neutral. But when really good things happen to really good people, It is hard to contain the joy.

   SanDiegoRadio has been told in that Jim McInnes is returning to 101.5 KGB!

In an email I just received I am told Jim will be doing a Saturday shift from Noon to 6 PM AND will handle fill-in work!

   KGB PD Shauna Moran tells SanDiegoRadio "We are happy to have Jim back home where he belongs!"

Congratulations Jim!!

Joe Nelson
Shauna, thank you for sending to me first!


Anonymous said…
That's great!
Gene Knight said…
Yay!!! Congrats to Jim and KGB!!!
Gene Knight said…
Yay!!! Congrats to Jim and KGB!!!
Unknown said…
Awesome to hear. He is HOME..
Anonymous said…
Wow, GREAT news and loooong overdue! Congrats, JM in the PM!
bob said…
its great to have him back now all we need is to have boss radio back
Anonymous said…
yea no more jazz???? lol
Anonymous said…
yep JM back in the PM
Anonymous said…
hope with the upcoming demise of i heart radio i hope he is able to be there awhile
Anonymous said…
No more "noon Saturday shows"for The Shenanigans. Unless it's a "live Broadcast". Now,there's an idea. San Diego deserves the best and we got him. Congrats,to San Diego. All we need now,is football stadium parking.
Jeff P said…
About f*****g time..!

---The News Brothers
Anonymous said…
He will still be on Jazz 88.3!
Will his show be live or voicetracked? If it's live, what happens to his excellent jazz show on KSDS? I think JM is a legend of course, but if KGB is going to make him play the same tired 300 classic rock songs for six hours, what's the point? I would be way more excited about this if KGB would let him pick his own music.

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