Saturday Night Sock Hop Expands

By Joe Nelson
   I ran this story back in August... I received an email from Michael letting me know they have added one more hour and are on the air 8-Midnight.

   Very cool, I will be tuning in!

***Below is the original story***

By Joe Nelson

KCBQ's Saturday Night Sock Hop celebrated 5 years on August 13th! Congratulations! Here are some words from Mike Zuccaro himself...

You know the format, 50's and early 60's rock and roll, R&B, vocal groups, jumping instrumentals, etc. Based on the old Saturday Night Sock Hop that I listened to Jack Spector do for 8 years on WCBS-FM back in NY from 77-85,and also based on what I heard Dan Ingram do on WABC for many years.What little I know I learned from very carefully listening to the top guys on the top network flagship stations in the #1 market.I'm a rank amateur compared those masters, but I try. 

  Show seems to be going well, please mention it's largely sponsored by McDinis restaurant, if you can. They, and some listener donations, are what are keeping me going.

   Got expanded to 3 hours about 2 years ago,thanks to Ron Babirz, our sales manager (give him a call, if you'd like to verify anything) , who made that extra hour possible.I try to earn that hour every week by making the show as good as I can.I do not take that time for granted-they could pull me off at any time and replace me with anything else that would pay just as much, if not more. That would be Rons decision and I dont want that to happen.He's been remarkably tolerant. 

 I'd LOVE to know how many other shows there are like this -especially on AM stations-left on the air. Very few, I'd bet. You can also quote me as saying that , in my opinion, this is what music radio should be like-fun to listen to, live, taking requests on the air and talking to your listeners. And by all means add that the show has been 100% program director free since day one-I"ve never had our PD tell me-or even suggest-what to play.Lotsa big money DJ's cannot say that.

 And unlike all the college stations, I front and back announce EVERY tune.

 Thats how radio can be when you dont have marketing people, researchers, focus groups, and computer generated playlists  running radio.It took someone with zero radio experience to figure that out, apparently.  Exactly the opposite of KRTH, for example .

If I couldnt do it live, talk to my listeners and play what I wanted to, I wouldnt want to do it. I hope to keep it going as long as the station will have me, and I can keep sponsors on.

And I'd like to mention that  my board op, Nick Lane, has been with me for 4 of those years. A remarkably patient guy, believe me. He digs (or at least tolerates) the music, which helps tremendously. Those board ops are the unsung heroes of KCBQ, take it from me.

Just my .02,
Mike Zuccaro


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