Letter From the Editor

By Joe Nelson
Good morning and Happy New Year from SanDiegoRadio!
I received a letter a little while back and it has been digging at me. Not too much, but it bugged me a bit.
"You don't publish regularly enough... you never do anything scathing, your articles are short."
That was only a part of it. Now, I know trolling is out of control on the internet, so I chalk it up to mostly just that, trolling.
But the motto for SanDiegoRadio is "TRUST HONESTY & RESPECT", Three words I live by every time I publish.

"You don't publish enough" - I publish what is sent to me (If I deem it accurate by vetting every time), I also have a full time job, three kids and grandkids AND believe it or not, a life.

"You never do anything scathing" - Now this one got me, hey, we all know there are things that go on behind walls and closed doors. I believe this is personal information and I am just not the type to air dirty laundry on anyone or any company. If something happened to me at work, the very last thing I'd want would be my name smeared all over the internet. I respect my radio folks and am not out to burn them.

"Your articles are short" - I believe in the saying 'Short and Sweet'. Far too often through the years while reading articles I find myself getting lost or uninterested with the story because the writer is using big words that no one uses or just runs on and on. I like to get to the point and move along.

I have also heard "What's your opinion?" I report the facts and let everyone make their own opinions, it is not my job to have opinions, it's my job to stay neutral and see it right down the middle and just report.

It has also been mentioned SDR may not get the hits. I can tell you, while I never reveal actual numbers, the viewership is wider and more numerous than I have ever experienced and is exceeding my expectations. Trust me, SDR has plenty of readers.
Going forward in 2016, I welcome your stories and please add me to your email lists for the press releases, etc. SanDiegoRadioJoe@gmail.com
Also, this year I am making an effort to further involve local TV news to the column. If you are a news director, anchor, reporter, MMJ... contact me please.

Thank you for your trust,
Joe Nelson


Carl Starrett said…
My only complaint is that you like Nickelback.
Phil Konstantin said…
I have to read things here. I'm so far "out of the loop", that I did not even know there was a loop.
Mark said…
It's probably the excessive price you charge for access, Joe.
Mark said…
It's probably the excessive price you charge for access, Joe.
Anonymous said…
Oh geez....really? You are fairly (emphasize FAIRly) unbiased in reporting what is going on in San Diego MEDIA! However it is, there you post it....short, sweet, or long if it needs to be. There is another San Diego media blogger who puts their opinion all over things, especially in the world of cable TV and how they refuse to pay extra for this and that and crap all over the San Diego radio scene, etc.... you don't need to be that guy....does All Access post personal opinions in their radio coverage? No....however they DO have a forum page for everyone to dump out their feelings - maybe you need to add a section for those people....until then. keep up the great work.
I am pretty sure your last sentence was sincere, so thanks. No need for a forum. The comments section works just fine as it keeps everything under the proper article.

JJ said…
Having been in your shoes (a newsletter for another medium)I know how hard it is when folks don't send you news but expect you to be in the loop and on top of everything. I appreciate the job you do but with there could be more posts. Would like to see a 'where are they now' feature, too. Thanks for keeping up as well as you do. Looking forward to seeing how things change--and stay the same--in 2016.
Stations know if they send it to me, it will be published.

Regarding the Where are they Now, you must be reading my mind.. in the works

Anonymous said…

Joe - Don't you dare take that email you received as a negative!!! Someone cared enough to ask you for MORE of what you do. Your blog made them post something Just like talkradio ... sometimes the biggest response is realized when you say something that people disagree with -- and it ignites an honest discussion. Good for ALL of us !!!

My only request relating to that email ... and maybe something that would help create consistency ... instead of posting 3 or 5 stories a day and then going silent for days ... hold back a post or two and spread out the posts. Maybe have a volunteer 'assistant' editor post for you?

Not every item is time sensitive and you're often not trying to 'scoop' other outlets by minutes or even hours ... so maybe slow down and spread the fun out a bit.

Happy New Year Joe and to everyone else - up and down the dial. (cue the WKRP theme ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8exUJ-Cmfc )

Al said…
I didn’t see the letter someone wrote you, so I can’t comment on its tone, but I think we are very lucky to have someone who takes time out of his life to screen for news of the market where we work, have worked, or are interested in following for one reason or another. Where else would anyone go for as comprehensive a collection of articles exclusively about San Diego radio, if not here? And for your subscription price? Please keep up the great work!

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