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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Clint August Now TV Show Host

By Joe Nelson

   Clint August, KGB 3-7PM, can now add "TV Host" to his already impressive resume.

Photo Credit: Rob Forsythe
   Starting Monday, Feb. 1, Clint will join CW 6's Lynda Martin at 9AM for the one hour, Monday through Friday show "San Diego Living".

   The show covers everything around San Diego such as, and including guests from, chefs, visiting comedians and bands, self improvement, events around town and much more. As Clint tells SanDiegoRadio "It's like a lifestyle show meets San Diego"

   Clint adds "I'm excited to be hosting San Diego Living with a true pro, Lynda Martin. Love her and the entire crew at CW 6 TV. Having worked with CW 6 over the past couple of years has been a blast and I'm sure this will be even more fun. And a huge thanks to management at 101KGB, who are excited about this as well.

Congratulations Clint and Lynda!



Anonymous said...

Wow, XETV's news operation is a hot mess.

nik pepper said...

Good for you Clint!

nik pepper said...

Good for you Clint!

Lupita Ramirez said...

Very nice Clint!

Steve Marino said...

Proud of you Clint!