Ken Kramer Presents: KNSD Turns 50

By Joe Nelson
   Some stories are more enjoyable to write than other stories. I never like to report when someone loses their position, or certainly when a member of the media has passed, which this year seemed far too frequent.

  Then there are stories like these. KNSD is celebrating their 50th anniversary on air this month. (While also building their new studios on Granite Ridge Drive next door to iHeart Media).

   Everyone's favorite story teller of all things San Diego, Ken Kramer takes us on a journey through KNSD history, and the folks behind the scenes who made it possible.

"Through the Years: KNSD Celebrates 50 Years On Air"
You can see the video HERE

Ken, thank you for all you for America's Finest City. As a native San Diegan I appreciate all you do and I could never tire of these clips. You and your terrific crew never fail to capture literally everything.... 'About San Diego'

Thanks for tuning in to


Al said…
Ken’s “About San Diego” pieces, not only for KNSD but also KPBS, can be found on his website, They are fascinating glimpses into hidden gems and historical events covering a variety of eclectic topics dealing with our region. I’ve watched them all – seemingly in about one sitting – they’re like that compelling book you just can’t put down.
Anonymous said…
Another piece of Ken Kramer GOLD!

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