Help Needed? Resume Posted

By Joe Nelson

 One service SanDiegoRadio offers in addition to the Job Board is the opportunity for those seeking work in media to post their resumes. Here is one below.

Phillip Sugarman
9628 Columbus, Ave.                                                                                                                         Email:   
Los Angeles, CA 91343                                                                                                                                                Phone: 818.391.8446

Career Profile

Highly capable and creative news anchor who has demonstrated expertise with both verbal and written communication. Experienced reporter and broadcaster who conveys information in an appealing and informative manner. History with both pre-recorded and live broadcasts and non-linear editing. Editorial communicator who has proven expertise in literary construction and multimedia research. Highly knowledgeable regarding AP style, video editing, photojournalism, and proofreading.

Areas of Expertise


§  Journalism
§  Communication
§  Video Editing  
§  Adobe
§  Final Cut Pro
§  Photojournalism
§  Multimedia Research
§  News Writing
§  Microsoft Office
§  Voice-Overs
§  Sports Writing
§  Social Networking  

Key Skills Assessment

Reporter – High-performing news personality who targets particular subjects of interest or concern to draw the most integral and captivating details and subsequently present to listeners or readers.
Broadcast – Committed professional with the skills necessary to perform professional and eloquent broadcasts covering a range of subjects.  Strong communicator who works well with interviewees, editors, and journalists.  

Professional Experience

Launch-Pad Radio  North Hills, CA                                                                                                            2015-Present
Owner, Producer, and Editor
§  Singularly responsible for identifying media material, writing content, and editing broadcast.
§  Produced and edited material before launch. 

KCSN 88.5 Northridge, CA                                                                                                                                                                2014
News Anchor
§  Adept anchor who worked with a team of professionals to gather audio for radio programs.
§  Travelled to various Californian communities to speak with citizens regarding issues in the community.
§  Wrote expert-level stories from first-hand experience and presented news through print and audio media.

CSUN Matador News Northridge, CA                                                                                                                                           2014
§  Reported and wrote front-page news stories and delivered on tight deadlines.
§  News and sports anchor who covered feature stories and local as well as national events.
§  Broadcasted local and national news in public television style.

Moorpark College Newspaper Moorpark, CA                                                                                            2012-2013
§  Excelled in written news articles for paper submission and operated in tight deadlines.
§  Gathered, verified, and submitted factual information and was responsible for visual editing and media inclusions.
§  Promoted newspaper content using multiple social networking sites including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Education & Affiliations

Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, Political Science, California State University, Northridge, CA

Associates of Arts, General Liberal Arts and Sciences, Moorpark Community College, Moorpark, CA

Sigma Alpha Pi-CSUN Chapter


Anonymous said…
Too long. Filled with "words" and "words" that mean nothing. Get a professional sounding e mail address. You are a reporter/anchor. You "traveled to speak with citizens? " You "gathered factual information?" Really? My 4th sentence edited your resume to what it should be.

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