SanDiegoRadio Spotlight - October 2015

By Joe Nelson

   The October 2015 Spotlight features Jazz 88's David Barron. David has been at 88.3for 25 years now and recently sat down with SanDiegoRadio for a social mixer and I really enjoyed talking to David.

David and myself (& Frank Anthony!)
This is David's story...

David: I can say that I am living my dream being in Radio. I have been on air at KSDS FM 88.3fm for twenty five years. This dream was relized at a very early age. I just found it interesting how that voice comes that box which was the Radio. 
   I started this dream at San Diego City College, they have Broadcasting course that I took for two and a half years. The timing was just right, Jazz 88 was looking for on air host so I had an audition with the PD and to my surprise I passed the first time. 
   First time on air Sunday midnight to three am through many dead air moments and countless hours in the studio it just seemed to fit. I was asked to take over a show called Original Jazz Classics, well you say how much did I know about Jazz, not much, I did a lot of reading and listening to the on air host. 
  I moved from Los Angles to San Diego in 1977. My father was a meatcutter for many years I followed in his footsteps and we opened a neighborhood meat market in Logan Heights. As we ran the business the hours where long and the money was good but it took a toll on my father. After three years we had enough he retired and I went to work for Vons as a Meat Manager, I just recently retired early do to a fall at work. After thirty five years of cutting meat it was a blessing in disguise retiring early. 

   My time now is spending many hours programming a show I have on Saturday nights at 5pm called Soul Jazz Review. Artists include Ray, Nina and James Brown. 
   Radio has changed so much there was a time when local radio in San Diego was very special. KOGO, KGB, B-100, KPRI to name a few. At that time there was a connection with the DJ live Radio nothing like live Radio. Radio personalities Jim McInnes, Larry Himmel, Tom Irwin or Shotgun Tom Kelly- these where just a few that made local radio so great back in the day. 
   I am very lucky I program my own music which is very rare now a days. Even to this day when Saturday rolls around it is still special and it will always be special. KSDS gave me the opportunity to reach that dream, Jazz 88 has won the Marconi Award in 1999 for Best Jazz station in the Country. 
  There has been lately a rebirth of Jazz in San Diego we have a commitment to San Diego to inform the young people to express their talent through music. Jazz 88 has many programs that bring Jazz to Schools. I am very proud to be a part of this talented on air staff. I am at peace when I am at the station. I get to express my music through the air waves. Very blessed. 

   My sister Nina Luna a local San Diego based artist is a two time survivor of Breast Cancer. As she went through Cancer she Painted the Pain Away. With no prior training in art she began to paint mannequins. To tell her story of her three year battle with Cancer that started in 2011 and resulted in a double mastectomy. 

   My sister never gave up Nina said she will beat this and to this day she remains in remission. In early 2014 Nina said painting was the release of the pain and fear she felt after her diagnoses and the loss of both breasts. She knew painting was the beginning of the healing process. Each mannequin has a story of her journey she had no idea where this was going. Nina said after she did one, it came out so well that Nina did three more. After completing those first few pieces, the art had taken over. 

   Nina says she freaks out when she sees a finished mannequin Nina's ultimate goal is to help breast cancer survivors who are struggling financially as she has due to their cancer and treatment. She wants to tell their stories of other survivors through her art work and create an organization that could sell those works. The profits would be shared with cancer victims and their families.    

   Nina's work celebrates the female form's power, fertility and beauty. Her goal now is to have her own studio where cancer survivors can walk in so that Nina could concentrate with them in that environment and grab their stories. Nina says you're still a woman. Even though you feel like you have lost something, you haven't. You have gained life out of this journey. Her art work has been featured in the Oceanside Museum of Art, the Art Stach in La Mesa and presented her art in downtown Los Angles along with a art show in Ventura. 
   In the next couple weeks we will start a Go Fund me page so that dream of getting her that studio will come true please visit For more information please email me

Thank you, David!


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