New Morning Show Team Announced

Starting Monday October 19th, Cantore + Woods on FM 94.9!   

Congratulations to these two, we are looking forward to many more deep discussions.

Yes, this is the morning show shake up I had written about earlier. It didn't go down exactly like expected, but that's only because of the sale of KPRI.



KC said…
Besties making their dreams come true. They are gonna rule the airwaves.
Anonymous said…
Is "Woods" her first name or last name? Where's she from? Details please.
Al said…
I hope they start back up with the 94/9 Podcast. That's fun to listen to, but they haven't had a new one since last May.
Anonymous said…
Finally! Glad FM 94/9 realized that these two are going to kill it in the mornings and gave them a chance.
Anonymous said…
Does anyone remember the Love Doctor?

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