Morning Show Vacancy

By Joe Nelson

105.7 MAX FM is minus one show host for the morning drive. 

Jack Murphy is no longer with the station as his contract was not renewed. 

BCA veterans Frank Anthony and Kim Morrison will fill the void in his absence. 

There is no word as of yet if it will be filled or if it will stay as is. 

Thanks for tuning in!


Carl Starrett said…
Frank Anthony is more than qualified...just give him the morning show.
Anonymous said…
Yes, Frank is PERFECT!!! Do the right thing this time.
Anonymous said…
Frank is great for the morning show. And he was perfect as PA announcer at Petco Park. Let's hope the powers-at-be at Max are much kinder to Frank that Mike Dee and Ron Fowler at the Padres were.
Anonymous said…
boy, we all sound like the Frank Anthony fan club!! Well, all I can say is double ditto to everything above! (and Frank really loves those early shifts.. yup, he does!!
S Kilburn said…
Really a loss. Jack Murphy really got it…. Show prep… things that make you laugh or smile at least once every day. Witty… knew how to stir things up just right. I love Frank too… but I preferred the combo with all of them as Murphy was total Leadership material and it showed that he did his research and prepped for that show each and every day. I'm sure his Co-Hosts and Producer could not argue that. He ran circles around Nolan who always seemed crabby and uninterested.
Anonymous said…
Too bad, Jack was a great host and the dynamic within the team seamed to work.
The show was good enough to keep me listening from Toronto every day. I hope the powers to be know what they are doing.
Anonymous said…
Sherri, unfortunately the ratings did not reflect any of your comments at all. Please keep in mind we do not know anything that goes on behind closed doors at stations!
Anonymous said…
What happened. I was getting pretty sick of Kim and all of the gossip. Love Frank and Jack.

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