RIP Rick Hill

By Joe Nelson
   Rick Hill, veteran of San Diego Radio, passed away Tuesday evening at 6:30.
Rick and Phillip Gaughen
   Rick was suffering with Pancreatic Cancer and was recently hospitalized from its complications.

   I have feelers out trying to obtain information as to where those can contribute to funeral costs and service details.

Condolences from SanDiegoRadio



Anonymous said…
Rick and I go back 40 years to the mid 70s. We covered many SD sports events and teams together. Red even worked with us for a short time at the old KDEO on Fletcher Parkway. I hadn't seen him in a long time, so glad I was able to get together with him last fall for a fun dinner at DZ Akins with longtime pal Steve Dolan. -- John Hernandez, Iowa
Jeff P said…
Jeff Prescott here---When I was a rookie covering President Ford in 1975, I didn't know how to "plug in" to record the speech....some red haired dude came up to me....showed me what to do...and that sparked a friendship that has lasted over 40-years.......We all know the Red Man is in a good place, but it's still hard to process........

Unknown said…
Rick Hill was a hell of a nice guy. Met Rick for the first time at a KSDO remote. We ended up working for Jacor/Clear Channel and we did many events and broadcasts together. I am sad to learn of Rick's passing. Ron Foo
Anonymous said…
The Padres honored Rick with a moment of silence today (10-01-15) before the Padres / Brewers game.
I remember Rick from my days at KSDO when I worked for Rod Page and Fred Lewis (1971-1973).
Al Getter

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