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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

RIP Rick Hill

By Joe Nelson
   Rick Hill, veteran of San Diego Radio, passed away Tuesday evening at 6:30.
Rick and Phillip Gaughen
   Rick was suffering with Pancreatic Cancer and was recently hospitalized from its complications.

   I have feelers out trying to obtain information as to where those can contribute to funeral costs and service details.

Condolences from SanDiegoRadio



Unknown said...

Rio red dog

Anonymous said...

Rick and I go back 40 years to the mid 70s. We covered many SD sports events and teams together. Red even worked with us for a short time at the old KDEO on Fletcher Parkway. I hadn't seen him in a long time, so glad I was able to get together with him last fall for a fun dinner at DZ Akins with longtime pal Steve Dolan. -- John Hernandez, Iowa

Jeff P said...

Jeff Prescott here---When I was a rookie covering President Ford in 1975, I didn't know how to "plug in" to record the speech....some red haired dude came up to me....showed me what to do...and that sparked a friendship that has lasted over 40-years.......We all know the Red Man is in a good place, but it's still hard to process........

Ron Foo said...

Rick Hill was a hell of a nice guy. Met Rick for the first time at a KSDO remote. We ended up working for Jacor/Clear Channel and we did many events and broadcasts together. I am sad to learn of Rick's passing. Ron Foo

Anonymous said...

The Padres honored Rick with a moment of silence today (10-01-15) before the Padres / Brewers game.
I remember Rick from my days at KSDO when I worked for Rod Page and Fred Lewis (1971-1973).
Al Getter