Comment Section is on Fire

By Joe Nelson
   Early on in SanDiegoRadio's life, the only comments my stories ever got were spammy junk.

   But fortunately there has been a nice change. Over the last several months the comments section has come alive.
   The only real reason behind this story is to notify you, if I have done a story on you, or one that interests you, check it out. There could be some interesting commentary under there.

Have a great evening!


Anonymous said…
"no comment"
Anonymous said…
Suggestion - instead of giving us great stories and updates - then going 'silent' for 5 or 8 days at a time ... and then pile-posting 3 or 5 stories at once - show some patience and spread out the non-timely stories over time to keep the blog 'more fresh' more often. Keep up the good work dude!

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