"Sully" Leaving Kogo Afternoon Show

By Joe Nelson
   Bob "Sully" Sullivan is leaving his afternoon show he shares with Carl Demaio. Carl will stay on in the 1-4 slot.
   This from Sully's FB page:

I am leaving "The Demaio/Sullivan Report" as of today...
So here's some pretty big news and I wanted my friends to be the first to know -
Today is my last day on the afternoon show on NEWSRADIO 600 KOGO from 1-4PM. I made the decision to move out of the show for a number of reasons:
First, I am focusing my media efforts on my 2 national television programs that I do weekdays - The Big Biz Show and Sully's Biz Brew.
Secondly, I am in final development of a new weekend topical news television show that features the best and the brightest in San Diego and puts them in a roundtable environment with a weekly rotating cast of San Diego media types in print, television and radio.
Additionally my television studios and production company [Jump Television Studios - www.jumpproductiongroup.com] are currently in production and distribution of 4 cable reality shows as well as being the west coast studios for The YOUToo America Television Network and Biz Television Network reaching close to 100 million broadcast homes.
Further, I have reactivated my management consulting practice that focuses on capital formation and surrounding duties including deal structure and negotiation metrics and am currently knee-deep in 3 projects.
Moreover, I wanted to further focus on doing the radio that I am most passionate about and I have been asked to take over the role as Afternoon Business Editor at Newsradio 600 KOGO as well as provide content for the other IHeart Media (formerly ClearChannel) cluster stations in So Cal.
Lastly, I will also be the in-studio fill-in host for KOGO.
You know, I fell into radio almost 20 years and have had a wonderful relationship with KOGO for the better part of the last two decades. I’m really proud of the role I’ve been able to play, and will continue to play, as part of the KOGO family.
The afternoon show obviously takes a lot of time to prepare and host and scaling back my role to makes it much easier to focus on other projects I’m developing.
In the end - this outcome is a great way to continue to be a voice on the most influential talk radio station in the region but also start the next chapter of my career.
I used to love listening to you too,


Anonymous said…
darn wish it was the other half that was leaving cant stand him couldn't believe they hired him and put him w you good luck
Anonymous said…
I think the entire show is blowing up, and being replaced. This is just the first shoe dropping...stay tuned...
Anonymous said…
Ratings are up since DeMaio came on. Sully's ratings were trash. Sully couldn't keep pace with the topics. DeMaio will do fine.
Anonymous said…
^^^^ this.. Sully complains that DeMaio set the theme for the show. Realistically, KOGO told him the show needed help
Anonymous said…
I turn it off as soon as Demaio comes on...

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