Shotgun Tom Kelly Retires From Afternoons

By Joe Nelson
(From All Access)

   CBS RADIO Classic Hits KRTH (K-EARTH 101)/LOS ANGELES legendary air personality SHOTGUN TOM KELLY will segue from his afternoon show after 22 years, but he will become K-EARTH’s Ambassador, where he will be showcased in on-air features, personal appearances, client partnerships, charitable events and special projects.

   “We are grateful to SHOTGUN as he concludes an incredible career as afternoon host,” CBS RADIO/LOS ANGELES SVP/Market Manager DAN KEARNEY said. “Anyone who has ever heard SHOTGUN TOM on the radio, watched him on TV or met him in person knows that he is the greatest ambassador a station could ever hope for and he’ll be perfect for this new role.”

   “I’m so fortunate to not only be able to interact more with K-EARTH’s listeners in person, but to explore opportunities being offered to me in television and new media,” KELLY said.

   “Southern Californians for decades, especially the millions behind the wheel from SAN DIEGO to L.A., have been entertained and amazed by the unique voice talents of SHOTGUN TOM,” CBS RADIO EVP/Programming CHRIS OLIVEIRO said. “His influence though extends well beyond the region as he is universally recognized as one of our industry’s true iconic stars. All of us at CBS RADIO are ecstatic he will continue to be part of the fabric of K-EARTH for years to come.”


jeff"50k"Elliott said…
Way To go "Shotgun" You have mastered your craft on the air-waves
in Southern California for many years. Being the "Ambassador" of
K-EARTH is a perfect fit. Congratulations Tom for all the great
radio shows you did and your friendship over the years. All the
best. Jeff"50K"Elliott

Anonymous said…
I think this is a very clever way of Kierney's to make lemonade out of lemons. If you've ever met Shotz, you know what a great in-person representative he is for the station, and this has value to CBS having advertisers who'd likely pay good $$ to have him as MC at their event, or doing an extended remote. CBS is cutting and probably wanted to scale back on-air salaries, but here's a way where new NTR can be created using his unique personality and flesh pressing skills representing the station and the client. I'm impressed! And congratulations to Tom!
Anonymous said…
More time for Padre Games ?? See you at PETCO !! Terry Becker Spring Valley.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
have not liked the format change on krth long time listener not so much now probably good time to leave the on air part of gig good luck tom will miss you on air go over to Sirius on 60s on 6 or 70s on 7

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