KyXy Loses its Boom - Layoff at CBS San Diego - More

By Joe Nelson
   Kevin Dean, co-host of KyXy's Afternoon Ride has been let go.
   Word has it this was a layoff, I am not sure if anyone else was affected. I will stay on this if anything changes.

   Editor's Note: Kevin, you are a good man and I am sorry to hear this. Thanks for all you have done for me.

NEW: Kevin spoke to SanDiegoRadio minutes ago and has this to say: "Well... I've been on the air here every day since I was 23.. This will be hard but I got the chance to work with the best in the business @ KyXy and God willing I will work some more! Boom"



Anonymous said…
This is terrible news. A genuinely nice guy! So much for loyalty!
Anonymous said…
And yet, Jeff & Jer get to stay? :-(

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