Editorial: Periscope Could Be Radio's Best Friend

By Joe Nelson
   Rarely ever do I offer my personal opinions here. It's not my job. My job is to report and inform. It certainly does not mean I don't have have my own thoughts on radio today, but I want to be consistent here.
   In this article I will share my thoughts on Periscope, the latest online media craze. Twitter acquired Periscope in May of this year.
   When I first tried it out, 'scope looked like it would be great for maybe showing your friends on the other coast how their sunset looked, or broadcasting from an amusement park.
   After about a week my interest subsided. Until July 6th. That Monday I found myself digging deeper into 'scope. I must give all the credit to Chris Merrill, 600 Kogo News Radio (Also KFYI in Phoenix).
   I launched Periscope and found Merrill's show. He broadcasts BOTH of his daily shows on 'scope. It really got me thinking of the possibilities this could provide for radio. Could you potentially have all your listeners in your studio? No. Next best thing? Bring them all in via 'scope.

   Chris tells SanDiegoRadio "Periscope gives me instant feedback from the listeners. I get to grow the show based on the reactions I'm getting at the exact moment I'm providing the content. Imagine if you could see in real time what your audience is thinking or whether or not what you are doing works. PPM is trying to do that but at best are a week or two behind. The other side is the sponsorship opportinuties. Nothing says I can't have 'XYZ Ford Periscope' or 'SanDiegoRadio.org Live Look'. There's gold in them thar phones!"

   While watching Merrill's shows over the course of the next week I was intrigued and even a little excited about the listener (viewer) interaction. They were focused on Merrill's topics and offering their views right there via the chat section on 'scope. If it was compelling enough, Merrill would work it into his dialogue, further bringing the listener closer. Even during commercial break, he keeps 'scope open, which leads to all sorts of hilarity and insight.
   If utilized correctly, I believe Periscope can add a whole new dimension to radio. Bringing the listeners right to you. Listeners like to put a face with the voice. I can't think of a better way, than with Periscope right now.

Thanks for tuning in!

 San DiegoRadio on Periscope/Twitter: "@SDRadioJoe"
 Chris Merrill on Periscope/Twitter: "@VoiceofMerrill"

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