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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kevin Dean Kicks Off His Appreciation Tour

By Joe Nelson
   Kevin Dean, formerly of The Afternoon Ride on KyXy, Has decide to thank his thousands* of loyal listneners Monday morning.

   I'll let Kevin tell you himself...

Kevin, this is a very classy move! Have fun tomorrow and let's hope you land behind the mic again real soon!
Legal disclaimer:
*Kevin may not actually have 'thousands of listeners'. But he is armed with a $5 gift card to satisfy the actual listenership. #SanDiegoRadioBOOM

SanDiegoRadio Spotlight - August 2015

By Joe Nelson
   This edition of the SanDiegoRadio Spotlight is very special to me. Its subject, Coe Lewis happily agreed to do it and the interview was a pleasure to do from my end especially considering Coe's tenure in San Diego and her contributions to radio through all these years. But Coe and I have also formed a friendship through the years and she has been dealt several blows of late. We can start with the killing of Cecil the lion (I'm sure you are aware of Coe's constant avocation of animal rights), and Coe has also recently lost some friends way too soon. One of those friends was of course her close friend and fellow KGB jock Sue Delany.

(Sue and Coe)
 After letting this sit for a few days, I am choosing to run it now. 

   August 2015 SanDiegoRadio Spotlight - Coe Lewis

Joe: What is your current position?
Coe: Morning show co-host on 101KGB FM  "The Bob & Coe Show" Mon- Fri 6-10a.  Creator and host of non profit Coe's List on KGB

JN: How are things with you right now? Life, work….
CL:Things are very busy and mixed with good and bad. The good is the station is great and  the show is doing great.  I LOVE my job, and my  radio partner Bob and I co-founded Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation (a nonprofit and have been INSANELY busy developing our anti-poaching programs in Zambia and hopefully Southern Africa.  We are growing by leaps and bounds and it's hard to keep my arms around it all.  I need a Coe clone to get everything done! The bad is I lost a listener to suicide a few months ago and it really threw me. I was blindsided. I had helped her a couple of years earlier with Coe's List and tried to be a good friend while she was going through a lot of stuff. I just didn't see it coming though...:0( She made me the executrix of her estate and I want to have her legacy live on by charitable work.  I am so blessed she trusted me with her affairs because I am working hard to support worthy causes and make sure she knows she is loved and appreciated.  And just recently, a wonderful friend of mine was diagnosed stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Tough few months.  Lots of tears.  But I have a lot of wonderful things happening as well.  I feel God all around me.

JN: San Diego… What is your favorite place to visit?
CL: We love going to Coronado...I just love the feeling of walking through history at the Del and enjoying a cold drink with my honey Mitch watching the waves and life go by and a nice lunch. I just need to grab the little breaks I have to enjoy where we live.  Oh, and we LOVE going camping with our neighbor bestfriends, Stu and Shelly.

JN: Is your job still as exciting like it was day one?
CL: Yes, it has changed so much...but I am always learning, always recreating, always looking for new ways to do things.  Having a great partner with the same work ethic REALLY helps.

JN: What are some facts about you that maybe no one knows, but could be interesting?
CL: Gosh, I just found out that I was nominated for San Diego Magazine's Woman of the Year Award!!! Wow...who knew!  I am simply blown away by that...seriously.  Every day I just try to be the best person I can be...and somebody actually acknowledged it. I wish my dad knew.  he was the first person I wanted to tell because he would be SO THRILLED...but he is late stages alzheimers.   I sunk emotionally when I realized I couldn't share it with my hero...:o/ but i am very humbled by the nomination.

JN: How do you view radio now, compared to the past, then looking to the future?
CL: Well I cannot even explain how much it has changed.  it used to be us (KGB) against the world, but now we are part of a huge company on the same side.  It is very different.  With national programming etc, it is more difficult for new jocks to cut their that there are less full time positions.  Getting a lot of shows under your belt makes you a better jock.  Hey, I did overnights for two years and it really helped me hone my skills.  The great jocks can swerve and curve through anything because they HAD to learn on the spot, so nothing throws them ever. I swear I could have a marching band and bulldozer go through the studio and I won't skip a beat. And sadly today's jocks have no idea how crazy fun it used to be.  It was such a rock and roll lifestyle...we lived it and breathed it. radio was simply in our blood. It is definitely more of a business now.

JN: How vital is the connection between an on-air personality and the listener?
CL: It is THE most important connection. I owe everything to my listeners. We have grown up together, they share their lives with me and vice versa. Their being taken care of, treated respectfully, and cherished is my job one.  It is ALL about the listener.  I tell them every single day on the radio "I love you".  I have said that for 30 years and will never stop. I DO love them...they have no idea :0)

JN: What is your favorite movie?
CL: Jesus of Nazareth, Pink Panther right behind!

JN: With Social Media being so prevalent, tell me the advantages of using FB, Instagram, Twitter to connect with your listeners.
CL: Well especially with FB, I have 5,000 people I can share things with...especially stuff with radio  and entertaining things. Nothing better than a hilarious video! and also it is a powerful tool for my stuff with fighting to save endangered species.  I feel good that I have educated people about the crisis in Africa. We are losing 100 elephants every day! We lose a rhino every 8 hours! And lions number less than 25k.  These animals will be wiped out forever from the wild within 8 years if we don't stop it. Poaching is the most vicious and heinous crime. Poaching funds terrorist groups not to mention crime syndicates and hostile countries and weapons. Of course it is the cause for total decimation of wildlife.  Black market narcissists driving species into extinction all for worthless potions and greed. It is absolutely horrific and if you ever saw what happens to these animals first would crawl into a corner and sob. I have seen the strongest and most solid men crumble and shudder violently from sobbing over the way an animal or a mother and baby died.  People NEED to know this is out there.  FB has allowed me to show people what is going and what they can do to fight it.  It is an amazing tool.  I am NOT a selfie you will RARELY ever see me taking a photo of myself...not my style.  I would rather use the power of social media for good...not boring people with my vacation or what oh-so-fabulous thing I am doing ;0)

JN: What is your favorite radio moment?
CL: Robert plant mentioning me on the air....sighhhhhhhh :0)

JN: How long have you been in radio?
CL: 30 years...yowza! 27 at KGB

JN: What broadcasters do you look up to?
CL: Gosh, I work in a building filled with really great talent.  and no one sounded better on the radio than the late, great long John Leslie.  He was BORN to do radio.

JN: If you could go back in time and work during any era of radio for a few days - which would you choose?
CL: The 20's, right when radio became more accessible.

JN: Is there anything more about your wildlife preservation you'd like to share?
CL: Thanks for asking...our nonprofit has groundbreaking strategies and programs that can change poaching. we have the top wildlife crime expert in the world on our board and we have multiple solutions to attack the problem from all angles with the introduction of programs which will allow people to earn a living and not rely on the quick money from poaching. we have uavs (unmanner aerial vehicles) that we fly and mathematics and algorithms that predict where poaching WILL happen. it is groundbreaking but it costs money. I am pursuing every possible source of funding and I have days where I feel...I just can't do this all by myself! I need help, because this WILL SAVE ANIMALS. I pray a huge investor will walk into our lives and i will make things happen like a f5 tornado.  Our board members  are extraordinarily passionate and visionary.  Hey we even had the US Ambassador to Zambia at our basecamp Zikomo safari two weeks ago.  We are only 8 months old...that is pretty awesome.  We are getting a lot of attention from people...but we need all the help we can get.  Money makes the world go round.  People can learn more at I am so proud of this, I just can't even verbalize it.  I was meant to do this, kind of like radio.

JN: You do such a great job keeping your personal beliefs on animal rights away from the microphone. How difficult is that balance and how do you do it?
CL: Well people know where I stand...and I feel I have the right to say something from an educational point of view if something is called for. But if you leave an animal in the car in the summer, Bob and I will both call you out.  Believe you me, because common sense is common sense. If you let a baby or animal die in excruciating heat, you WILL hear about it.  But overall, I need to walk that line of being even-keeled and hearing both sides.  I know when I meet people and talk to them...I win them to the cause.  But if you hammer people over the head, you run the risk of losing them forever.  I don't have the "right" to preach my views only...  that isn't fair to anyone else. I am a pro and must behave accordingly.  But on my time, I work hard to create awareness. but again I try to see both sides of everything.  I fight for anything innocent, human or animal.  That is why Coe's List was created years ago. I just can't sit idly by and do nothing.  I literally mean...I physically cannot just let bad things happen and do nothing! So both nonprofits I founded cover pretty much everything :0) If you are respectful of the views of others, you will find that common ground and build from there. I would rather earn people's trust and give them the facts.  People are have to let them take it in on their terms...not me demanding them to agree with me.  Make sense? I have seen listeners absolutely jump feet first into stuff I am working on.  They did it on their terms...and it makes me so proud to have them along.

JN: Anything else?

CL: I really mean it when I say I thank God all the time for the career He has given me. Sometimes I sit in my car before going into the station and I say 'Thank You God'. I feel for those not working, or in a job they can't stand.  I deeply feel that, and I want to always be grateful. I have had amazing experiences, I have met the most wonderful listeners who i treasure...and I have met the artists who inspired me to be in this career.  I will never stop being grateful and appreciative.

Coe, thank you so much for your time and especially our friendship. You know that I have your back, should you ever need me!

Thanks for tuning in to

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Slow Down a Little

By Joe Nelson
   A few weeks ago I wrote that a flip would be coming to a local station. While I trust my birdies, I am here to put that on hold for a bit. 
   Although it still holds true, I am all about being responsible. So until I hear anything further I am tabling this conversation. I have received many comments and emails on the matter. 
   If, but more than likely when, I hear more you will have it here. 

Thanks and have a great weekend!


Friday, August 28, 2015

KyXy Loses its Boom - Layoff at CBS San Diego - More

By Joe Nelson
   Kevin Dean, co-host of KyXy's Afternoon Ride has been let go.
   Word has it this was a layoff, I am not sure if anyone else was affected. I will stay on this if anything changes.

   Editor's Note: Kevin, you are a good man and I am sorry to hear this. Thanks for all you have done for me.

NEW: Kevin spoke to SanDiegoRadio minutes ago and has this to say: "Well... I've been on the air here every day since I was 23.. This will be hard but I got the chance to work with the best in the business @ KyXy and God willing I will work some more! Boom"


Fifth Anniversary of the KCBQ Monument in Santee

By Joe Nelson

August 28th marks the 5th anniversary of the unveiling ceremony of the KCBQ monument.

It's located along the north side of Mission Gorge Road in the San Diego suburb of Santee, directly in front of an In & Out Burger, which was not there five years ago!  The monument features the names of all of the air talents who worked at the station from the 1958 through 1978. 
The project was spearheaded by several past employees who wanted the former transmitter and studio site of this legendary radio station commemorated.  KCBQ blasted out with 50,000 watts on 1170 AM.

Pictured is "Shotgun Tom" Kelly along with 97 year old Jack Vincent,  former all night air personality (1955-1968) and the oldest living DJ of the top 40 era!  

The official KCBQ unveiling video (posted by Bobby Ocean) is on YouTube.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sad News to Report

By Joe Nelson
   Sue Delany (Leighton) (KGB) has passed away. She had been battling some unknown health issues. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and those close to her.

   Please also keep Coe Lewis in your hearts as, of course, they both were very close. Coe has also been dealing with other losses so this just adds to it.

Sue, I never met you, but from all accounts you were a very sweet person. 


"Sully" Leaving Kogo Afternoon Show

By Joe Nelson
   Bob "Sully" Sullivan is leaving his afternoon show he shares with Carl Demaio. Carl will stay on in the 1-4 slot.
   This from Sully's FB page:

I am leaving "The Demaio/Sullivan Report" as of today...
So here's some pretty big news and I wanted my friends to be the first to know -
Today is my last day on the afternoon show on NEWSRADIO 600 KOGO from 1-4PM. I made the decision to move out of the show for a number of reasons:
First, I am focusing my media efforts on my 2 national television programs that I do weekdays - The Big Biz Show and Sully's Biz Brew.
Secondly, I am in final development of a new weekend topical news television show that features the best and the brightest in San Diego and puts them in a roundtable environment with a weekly rotating cast of San Diego media types in print, television and radio.
Additionally my television studios and production company [Jump Television Studios -] are currently in production and distribution of 4 cable reality shows as well as being the west coast studios for The YOUToo America Television Network and Biz Television Network reaching close to 100 million broadcast homes.
Further, I have reactivated my management consulting practice that focuses on capital formation and surrounding duties including deal structure and negotiation metrics and am currently knee-deep in 3 projects.
Moreover, I wanted to further focus on doing the radio that I am most passionate about and I have been asked to take over the role as Afternoon Business Editor at Newsradio 600 KOGO as well as provide content for the other IHeart Media (formerly ClearChannel) cluster stations in So Cal.
Lastly, I will also be the in-studio fill-in host for KOGO.
You know, I fell into radio almost 20 years and have had a wonderful relationship with KOGO for the better part of the last two decades. I’m really proud of the role I’ve been able to play, and will continue to play, as part of the KOGO family.
The afternoon show obviously takes a lot of time to prepare and host and scaling back my role to makes it much easier to focus on other projects I’m developing.
In the end - this outcome is a great way to continue to be a voice on the most influential talk radio station in the region but also start the next chapter of my career.
I used to love listening to you too,

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Approved Home Show Now Also on TV

By Joe Nelson

San Diego’s Home Improvement Resource launched a New Show Last Friday, Will Air Every Friday

SAN DIEGO, CA  — The Approved Home Pro Show, San Diego’s local home improvement resource, adds a 30-minute live weekly television series to complement its hour-long radio show on News Radio 600 KOGO. The new series, airing Fridays at 9:30 a.m. on Channel 6 (XETV), will feature even more of the home improvement inspiration and guidance that viewers have grown to love during the show’s two year tenure as resident home experts on San Diego Living on Channel 6.  Hosts Clint August (known for his popular show on KGB radio), and Gregg Cantor (owner of Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel) will head up the show with help from new resident design pro Robin Wilson Carrier, past local president of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers). 
               “This expansion is the logical next step as our network continues to grow,” says Gregg Cantor, the Approved Home Pro Show’s resident home improvement expert and owner of Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel. “We now have 20 additional minutes each week to inspire and educate viewers, and connect them with San Diego’s best home improvement pros.” 
               Each week the show will feature live in-studio interviews with pros from the Approved Home Pro network.  As well, the show will debut new “in-field reports” filmed on-site at locations around San Diego.  These new in-field reports not only help viewers see great home improvement options, but also showcase the expertise of pros in the network.   The show will also feature regular HERO Highlights, featuring HERO Registered Contractors who are experts in various areas of energy savings and water conservation.
About Approved Home Pros & The Approved Home Pro Show
               For over 3 years, Approved Home Pros has been San Diego’s only fully integrated home improvement resource, providing property owners a free and trusted source to connect with best local pros in every category.  All pros in the network have been thoroughly vetted prior to receiving certification as an Approved Home Pro. 

Mike Zuccaro's KCBQ Saturday Night Sock Hop 5 Year Anniversary

By Joe Nelson

KCBQ's Saturday Night Sock Hop celebrated 5 years on August 13th! Congratulations! Here are some words from Mike Zuccaro himself...

You know the format, 50's and early 60's rock and roll, R&B, vocal groups, jumping instrumentals, etc. Based on the old Saturday Night Sock Hop that I listened to Jack Spector do for 8 years on WCBS-FM back in NY from 77-85,and also based on what I heard Dan Ingram do on WABC for many years.What little I know I learned from very carefully listening to the top guys on the top network flagship stations in the #1 market.I'm a rank amateur compared those masters, but I try. 

  Show seems to be going well, please mention it's largely sponsored by McDinis restaurant, if you can. They, and some listener donations, are what are keeping me going.

   Got expanded to 3 hours about 2 years ago,thanks to Ron Babirz, our sales manager (give him a call, if you'd like to verify anything) , who made that extra hour possible.I try to earn that hour every week by making the show as good as I can.I do not take that time for granted-they could pull me off at any time and replace me with anything else that would pay just as much, if not more. That would be Rons decision and I dont want that to happen.He's been remarkably tolerant. 

. I"d LOVE to know how many other shows there are like this -especially on AM stations-left on the air. Very few, I"d bet. You can also quote me as saying that , in my opinion, this is what music radio should be like-fun to listen to, live, taking requests on the air and talking to your listeners. And by all means add that the show has been 100% program director free since day one-I"ve never had our PD tell me-or even suggest-what to play.Lotsa big money DJ's cannot say that.

 And unlike all the college stations, I front and back announce EVERY tune.

 Thats how radio can be when you dont have marketing people, researchers, focus groups, and computer generated playlists  running radio.It took someone with zero radio experience to figure that out, apparently.  Exactly the opposite of KRTH, for example .

If I couldnt do it live, talk to my listeners and play what I wanted to, I wouldnt want to do it. I hope to keep it going as long as the station will have me, and I can keep sponsors on.

And I'd like to mention that  my board op, Nick Lane, has been with me for 4 of those years. A remarkably patient guy, believe me. He digs (or at least tolerates) the music, which helps tremendously. Those board ops are the unsung heroes of KCBQ, take it from me.

Just my .02,
Mike Zuccaro

Monday, August 24, 2015

Shotgun Tom Kelly Retires From Afternoons

By Joe Nelson
(From All Access)

   CBS RADIO Classic Hits KRTH (K-EARTH 101)/LOS ANGELES legendary air personality SHOTGUN TOM KELLY will segue from his afternoon show after 22 years, but he will become K-EARTH’s Ambassador, where he will be showcased in on-air features, personal appearances, client partnerships, charitable events and special projects.

   “We are grateful to SHOTGUN as he concludes an incredible career as afternoon host,” CBS RADIO/LOS ANGELES SVP/Market Manager DAN KEARNEY said. “Anyone who has ever heard SHOTGUN TOM on the radio, watched him on TV or met him in person knows that he is the greatest ambassador a station could ever hope for and he’ll be perfect for this new role.”

   “I’m so fortunate to not only be able to interact more with K-EARTH’s listeners in person, but to explore opportunities being offered to me in television and new media,” KELLY said.

   “Southern Californians for decades, especially the millions behind the wheel from SAN DIEGO to L.A., have been entertained and amazed by the unique voice talents of SHOTGUN TOM,” CBS RADIO EVP/Programming CHRIS OLIVEIRO said. “His influence though extends well beyond the region as he is universally recognized as one of our industry’s true iconic stars. All of us at CBS RADIO are ecstatic he will continue to be part of the fabric of K-EARTH for years to come.”

Thursday, August 20, 2015

CBS / Entercom Deal Near

Word on the street the CBS/Entercom deal to merge will come very soon. Possibly even as early as Friday. Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

SanDiegoRadio Job Board - Program Director

By Joe Nelson


San Diego’s Hot-AC, KFMB-FM / 100.7 Jack FM is on the lookout for a Program Director to plan and oversee all on-air programming, music scheduling and production. We are looking for someone with a creative vision and the ability to evaluate current programs for ways to enhance the current listener audience while working with promotions, marketing, sales and interactive departments to develop new strategies and campaigns to gain demographics and maximize ratings. 

Position will direct and monitor programming and activities in conformance with FCC rules and regulations and Station policies and will also be required to: Monitor and evaluate music selected for the Station; Approve all commercial and paid programming content; Audition, hire, develop and coach on-air talent; Schedule staff for on-air shifts, remotes and appearances; and Prepare and maintain the FM Programming department’s budget. 

Candidates must have prior programming experience, solid knowledge of all FCC rules and regulations and possess strong social media skills. Experience with Music Master, ENCO automation, PPM weekly/monthly tools, Tapscan, PDAdvantage and Media Monitors is a BIG plus. Ability to perform as on-air is also a plus. 

Interested candidates should submit their resume via e-mail to

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Even Mayor Faulconer Weighs in on the Jagger & Kristi Celebration

By Joe Nelson
   Friday Jagger and Kristi celebrated their 10th year on air at Magic 92.5.
   The radio couple have been together on the radio since 1996 while at Star 100.7, then moved to mornings in 2002 at My 94.1. They began at Magic in 2005.

   Kristi tells SanDiegoRadio "When we started out doing a radio show together it never occurred to us we would get a Proclamation from the City.  That happened today and it couldn't be
more special to us that it happened in our tenure at Magic 92.5.  Our Magic listeners are the best and serving them in a community oriented way has always been
our goal."

   Mark Jagger:  "Well, this was a surprise!  A huge Thank You to San Diego City Councilman Chris Cate's and his staff for the acknowledgement.  It is truly our pleasure to
work closely with the San Diego community and an honor to accept this Proclamation. "
   As Jagger and Kristi relived their radio past Friday, they were joined by San Diego City Council member Chris Cate (District 6) and were presented with a proclamation.
   Magic 92.5's PD R-Dub! tells SanDiegoRadio "It's been an absolute pleasure working with Jagger and Kristi and I've been fortunate enough to have experienced the last four years at Magic with them.  Anyone who knows them know that besides being the consummate professionals that they are, that's just the beginning.  Getting to really know Jagger and Kristi, and how much they truly care about our community--from the humans to the animals--has been a fantastic experience.  I continue to learn from them both everyday.  Here's to ten more!"
   SanDiegoRadio reached out to San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer for his thoughts on this milestone.
   Faulconer is quoted as saying "Jagger and Kristi are San Diego radio icons. They've entertained San Diegans for nearly 20 years with their fast-paced banter, but it is their passion to help others that makes them truly part of the fabric of our community. I want to congratulate the two of them on their 10-year anniversary at Magic 92.5 and wish them all the best."

   SanDiegoRadio extends a huge congratulations to you both, and Sammy Jo!

Thanks for tuning in,

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jagger and Kristi Celebrate 10 Years of Mornings on Magic 92.5

By Joe Nelson

San Diego’s Radio Couple “Jagger and Kristi” Celebrate 10 Years of Mornings on Magic 92.5

San Diego, CA (August 4, 2015) – Tomorrow marks the 10-year on-air anniversary of radio veterans “Jagger and Kristi” hosting morning drive on San Diego's premier Urban AC, Magic 92.5(XHRM-FM), “The Beat of San Diego.”  

Mark and Kristi Jagger are one of a few married morning radio teams in the country.  The two met when paired for an afternoon show in San Diego in 1996.  They married in 1997 and their success led them to a coveted shift during morning drive in 2002.  In 2005, the pair moved to Magic Mornings and “we are enjoying every minute of a decade at Magic.”

Jagger and Kristi will celebrate a decade at Magic 92.5 with listeners on-air Friday morning from 5:00 to 10:00 AM.  

Hosting “Magic Mornings with Jagger and Kristi,” the couple focuses on life in San Diego, with heavy listener interaction, music, and the popular “War of the Roses!” feature.  Jagger and Kristi’s passion in life is to bring out the best in everyone they meet with a lot of laughs along the way. 

"The best part of being at Magic 92.5 for a decade has been spending our mornings with our listeners and getting to know them,” said Mark Jagger.  “Our Magic listeners are kind, funny and generous, and we cherish every moment we have with them.  Plus, of course, working with my beautiful wife!"

Jagger and Kristi also have tremendous respect for each other and the world around them.  With the help of listeners, the couple helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for San Diego charities, including $17,000 this past December in a 14-hour broadcast marathon for the “Magic 92.5 Christmas Wish Foundation.”  Those funds are used to reward “Christmas Wish” gifts to help families in need over the holiday time. 

Jagger and Kristi are dedicated animal lovers and work with local shelters to save orphaned animals by highlighting the need on-air during "Jagger & Kristi's Kritters."  At home they live a happy, married life with their “Surf Dog” Bodie and Himalayan cat Sammy.  

When asked how being married for 17 years and working so closely with your spouse is Kristi said, "it really works for us. We enjoy each other and enjoy communicating with people so it has always been a great fit.  If there are difficult moments we move through them quickly and they are overshadowed by the fun we have on and off the air.  We are very grateful to have spent the last ten years together with our MAGIC family!"

Joe Lindsay, Director of Programming, added “I have been with Jagger and Kristi since day one of their tenure here at Magic 92.5.  They truly care about every listener, and go out of their way to build personal, one-on-one relationships with everyone they meet. In this competitive, ever-changing industry, staying on the same radio station in morning drive for ten straight years is a huge accomplishment. I am not surprised at their success. I am blessed to have been a part of it over the past ten years.”

Magic 92.5 is owned and operated by Local Media San Diego, LLC; a San Diego-based broadcasting company backed by private equity firm, Thoma Bravo, LLC.  LMSD also operates Z90.3 (XHTZ-FM) and 91X (XTRA-FM).

SanDiegoRadio sends a huge congratulations and a big thank you for your hard work!

R-Dub Adds Tucson to The Sunday Night Slow Jams Markets

By Joe Nelson
   R-Dub, PD at Magic 92.5 announced today he has re-added Tucson to his long list of markets for his syndicated show 'Sunday Night Slow Jams'
   That brings the total to 108 stations now. Well done, R-Dub!


Latest Ratings

By Joe Nelson

San Diego (#17)
KMYI-FMHot AC5.55.46.1
XHRM-FMRhythmic AC5.55.45.6
KHTS-FMPop CHR5.75.14.9
KPBS-FMNews Talk Info.
KYXY-FMHot AC4.14.34.5
XHTZ-FMPop CHR4.04.74.3
KGB-FMClassic Rock3.44.03.7
KIOZ-FMActive Rock3.73.53.6
KLQV-FMSpanish Adult Hits3.23.63.6
XPRS-FMClassic Hits3.03.43.5
XPRS-AMAll Sports4.64.03.2
KEGY-FMPop CHR3.23.12.8
KOGO-AMNews Talk Info.
KLNV-FMMexican Regional3.53.12.7
KSSX-FMRhythmic AC2.72.42.7
KFMB-FMHot AC2.72.62.6
XLTN-FMSpanish Contemp.
KFMB-AMNews Talk Info.
XHTY-FMMexican Regional1.00.91.2
XOCL-FMSpanish Adult Hits0.81.01.0
KLSD-AMAll Sports1.11.00.8
XHFG-FMSpanish Contemp.
XGLX-FMSpanish Contemp.
XEPE-AMAll Sports0.20.30.1